Friday, October 14, 2011

goals for marathon #5

not sure if i told anyone yet... but im running another marathon. THIS.SUNDAY.

yuuuup. im pretty pumped about it too.
if you get runners world, you may have seen this:

most scenic marathon, and runner up for best overall marathon!(someday ill get out to missoula to compare... maybe)

they might try to scare us by showing us the comparison chart for another kinda popular marathon... sorry boston, we might be a bit more hardcore

this year marks the 10th year that MDI has done their marathon,
so naturally they needed to add a little flare!
blue: experienced marathoners (thats me!)
green: first time marathoners
yellow: early starters
purple: charitable fundraisers
orange: team relay divisions

these shirts have been on sale online for a while now, but im hoping i can still find one when i get up there... hard ro read, but it says "mount desert island, the way running should be"

official race course map
and now...
scenes from the race
(stolen from their facebook page)
(im chosing to ignore what looks like a hill in this photo)
dont you wish your marathon was awesome like this one?
see, flat! (trying hard to convince myself...)

so lets see... goals for marathon #5

1. finish... with a smile! this isnt hard, im a pretty happy chick.
2. dont let it be a PW... soooooo sub 4:42:xx
3. finish even if it is not sub 4:42:xx
4. enjoy each and every step... only 26.2 miles and i will be a MANIAC!!!

incase anyones interested, i decided im going to have fun, and that means i will be live tweeting. and may even have a few #surprisephonecall 's :) who wouldnt like a phone call from me?!


  1. you are a maniac. HAVE FUN! i want a phone call. :)

  2. Make sure to text me (but perhaps later miles... I like to slee in, ya kno... plus the time difference.... :P)


  3. I am super pumped for you! Maybe someday I will take on the Mainiac challenge!