Thursday, October 13, 2011

look at me im FLYYYYYING!!!!!

dear company that takes pics at the race i ran in the pouring rain 11 days ago,
im not going to say your name so that you hopefully dont find this blog i post and try to sue me for using your photo. first of all, i dont have enough money to give you if you did in fact try to sue me, so really, dont waste your time. if you still tried to pursue taking me to court for copying and saving your photo (that, i might add, you didnt print your name all over my body so you couldnt even tell what i actually looked like, nor put some sort of "were only giving you a smaller than life thumbnail so you wont copy it" or "your computer will self destruct in 2 seconds if you even attempt to share our awesome photos"), id probably end up going to jail since i dont have the money to pay you for whatever it is you would try to sue me for. and i dont think i would enjoy jail. in fact, i KNOW i wouldnt last. not even an hour. second of all, your company needs to add the option to add what race this is on the bottom of the photo so that i know for the future (as if i could forget). and i know it looks kinda funny that our bibs are all wrong, were just super special in maine. dont judge. i also have a grudge that i only got two pics from this race... i know it was raining and all but last year, if that was your company, they sent like 5 people and i got at least 6 pics to choose from. i guess ill give you credit for at least getting one of the two photos making me look semi alright. next year, bring more people and tell them to bring umbrellas.

so if infact you do find this and get upset, please note that i paid the $12, plus some sort of tax and shipping and handling (total $15something) for this pic. and i only did it cuz this race was so bad ass... pouring down rain for 26.2 miles... 25 minute course PR... last 0.2 miles at a pace of 7:45min/mile. and this pic shows that i was FLYYYYYYING!!!

love, danielle


  1. Your picture rocks! It's way better than mine. I'm crying like a baby.

  2. haha. this is an awesome letter.

  3. LOVE THIS PIC!!!!!!!!!! There's no way you'd have ever forgotten this race but this pic... priceless!

  4. That's a great pic! Your smile is huge!

  5. ok, i need a pair of those shorts. who makes them?