Friday, December 2, 2011

a little bit of everything

november recap:

days in the month: 30
days i ran: 17 (up from last month by 4 days haha)
miles run: 69 (down from last month by 20. whoops)
races run: 3 (5k, 4 miler, half marathon)
fastest mile: 6:58
fastest run: 3.1 miles in 22:20 (finally!)

highest weekly milage: 26.1
# of new trucks we bought: 1
# of french fries i ate: ZERO (did i not feel good the whole month?!)
# of kittens we brought home: 1

current song(s) on replay: kiss me slowly by parachute, home by dierks bentley, we own the night by lady antebellum
favorite 365 project pic:

my timed photo camera skills at its best

november goals:

less beer (or not)- the "or not" worked well...
discover your ab muscles- i did something for my abs every day... i do actually feel stronger (go figure)
get in the pool- this was a goal? whoops...
figure out a tentative 2012 race schedule (aka: choose a marathon, or 4)- um......

december goals:
more beer? or egg nog... (im so good at drinking)
keep working those abs (it will pay off... someday)
should i even try that pool goal again?
really... that damn 2012 race schedule...
pay off one credit card (im one payment away... this goal will happen!!)

so yeah... november FLEW by... lets be honest, this YEAR has flown by. and what a year its been... a wedding on the first day of the year, a new house, numberous one way flights and spontaneous 17 hour road trips, a funeral this summer, 2 marathons back to back in october, a new kitten... ill never forget this year, one of the best and one of the worst of my life. as it quickly comes to an end, i think back on all the good memories and times i shared with family and friends and im always so thankful to have each and every one of them in my life. i love the holidays and everything about it and i just wish it would last all year! (i was also loving the warm weather we had this week, but now its 25 degrees and my nose is running. hrumph)

oh- by the way, did everyone see jeri's post yesterday? click HERE! :) we definitely had fun with this challenge and hopefully we can come up with something for next year. anyone else want to join in? i cant wait to get my care package from so dak hehe

happy holidays everyone!
(we finally decided, thanks again to Molly for her shutterfly giveaway that i won!)


  1. ooooo look who won the xmas card fight. 1 point D.

  2. I love the Christmas card & LOVE the 22:20!!!!

  3. The Christmas card Is just perfect. Hope you have a great week!

  4. LOVE the card! november was kind of a wash for me. but now IM training is here, talk to you next july.

  5. Challenge? Count me in! PS I just saw there's an LL Bean 4th of July 10k on your Race Recaps. I need to run this.