Monday, January 30, 2012

ive known for a long time that im really really good at sitting in front of the computer and randomly searching for things. blogs. clothes. photography ideas. facebook stalking.

and then i found pinterest.

source: somewhere on google images

o.m.G. if this isnt the biggest time suck of all the things i already was so good at searching the internet for all in one spot, i dont know what is. but alas, i think its safe to say i might be addicted. have i pinned everything on the planet? no. am i likely to ever buy any of the clothes or make any of the recipes? probably not. but the last few days have been kinda fun trying to figure it all out (thank you, sarah, for aiding in this new obsession).


so i thought i would put together some of my favorite outfits like my very own pinterest board. but i didnt really know how to do it like other people do on there so i came up with my own way. and since picnik is leaving us high and dry on april 19th (waaaaaa, sarah understands my pain even more than me), i figured i would use them. and my clothes is way cheaper than the ones you probably will find on pinterest cuz im poor. well not really poor, but more like cheap. and i wear clothes until they fall apart.

for those days when i actually go to work...
(dont worry, i wear socks and understuff too)

(the hoodie is essential... the hospital is ALWAYS cold)

 its finally winter time here in maine
(throw in a headband and some gloves too)
(i have at least 10 pairs of those feetures socks. love.them.)

since i only work 3 days a week, i usually roll out of bed on my days off and get into something comfy... like these...
(i have been known to leave the house and go out in public wearing that as well. i have no shame)

buuuut if for some odd reason i have to get dressed, this is usually the norm

 and if i head to the gym cuz its just toooo cold to run outside
these are my go-to items
(yes i often wear a hat or headband)
(and i just got the lululemon tank yesterday but i forsee wearing that every day. forever)

incase any of you were thinking: where are her cute scarves to accompany those awesome outfits? what about the matching nail polish? bangles and earrings?

hahahahahahahahaha. no.

im sure this is just a fad, although i think its been around for a while now and im just jumping on the preverbial bandwagon late in the game. whatever, it keeps me occupied amidst chasing my crazy cat all over the house doing things she shouldnt. feel free to follow my randomness if you so desire... 


  1. I love me some Pinterest! And I love your daily outfit boards. :)

    New follow! I'm @__MeganJohnston on Twitter. :)


  2. why do we have all the same shoes? except my kinvaras hate me.