Friday, June 1, 2012

may recap

i have to say, the month of may was pretty much insane with regards to running. if i wasnt attacking my fridge or sleeping, i was running. i even had quite a few times when i was running around the hospital at work. i just never slowed down. and i loved every minute of it (minus the few days when my hamstring told me to fuck off... but i showed it who was boss).

run:  166.6 miles (ill have to check but this might be my highest monthly mileage ever- checked. yes it is. and i was off 8 miles on the original posting of this)
bike: 71 miles
swimming: 1050 yards

polar bear sprint tri
reach the beach 200 mile relay

favorite run: that time i just went out and ran a marathon cuz i just felt like it (smart)
# of times i went out and biked 43 miles just for the hell of it (also smart): 1
quote of the month: "did you do this in high school?"
current song obsession: "fighter" by gym class heroes, "marilyn monroe" by nicki minaj
least amount of sleep/most uncomfortable: reach the beach parking lot at 6am
favorite pins of the month:

may goals:
- dont crash and die at the triathlon - win. although i took a turn a little bit too wide and ended up in gravel. that crap is NOT easy to bike out of!
-track 800s - oops. although, i ran two of my four miles last night at 5k pace(ish) so does that count? (maybe i should have looked at these goals once during the month)
-strong/smart/stylish (obvs) reach the beach & 25k race - done. clearly i rocked both of these things.
-win the lottery- guess you cant win em all
-convince ty i might need the new saucony kinvara 3's- fail.

june goals:
-smart training, rest, stretching, ice, compression. i cant afford to get hurt....
-another long bike ride (before i have to give the bike back, booooo)
-figure out a freaking time goal for around the lake marathon since my original goal might not be enough any more (56 dayyyyys!!) (yes i have a goal to make a goal)
-attempt p90x yoga atleast once.
-200 running miles for the month. yikes.
-go back to the chiropractor
-sit ups/push ups. every. damn. day.  so help me God....
-lets revisit that track 800's goal, shall we?
-regain the attitude: suck it up and just fuckin do it. #bigpimpin
-just breathe


  1. Love those pins -- and congrats on a kick-ass mileage month!

  2. You are kicking so much ass lately! Keep it up!

  3. You friggin rock. Not only are you kicking ass with mileage you are getting speedier and speedier.

    By the way - I nominated you A Lovely Blog Award. See my post. :)

  4. You were seriously busy in May, dayum!
    I'm scared to see what your June mileage looks like, seriously like 350 miles? EGADS WOMAN.
    Oh, and where is "run 20% incline hills with Sara" on your to-do list :-)
    "suck it up and do it" is a righteous big pimpin' attitude- and it gets the job done every time.

  5. sooooomeones gonnnna geeeeet it! there are some people who are better off sleeping with one eye open...heres to a kick ass june! xo

    1. You are so kickass...therefore I nominated you on my blog even though Jen beat me to it.

  6. Wow, you are logging some serious miles! Great job!