Monday, June 18, 2012

mid month rambles

someone please tell me how we are seriously 3 days into the 2nd half of the month?! what?! when did this happen? the days/weeks/months are flying by and before we know it there will be snow on the ground again! (ok sorry, didnt mean to bring that up.... i wish fall could come tomorrow and last til december...of 2013). with a few hot sunny beach days in between. k thanks.

but yes, we are now just over halfway through the month and just under 40 days til marathon #6. ive actually looked at the goals i made for myself back at the beginning of the month, and am already working on doing a few of them:

-smart training, rest, stretching, ice, compression. i cant afford to get hurt....
i guess this is going as well as it can go right now... i had some more hamstring/groin issues but i went to the chiropractor and he worked his magic. and my compression socks and i are true bff's right now.

-figure out a freaking time goal for around the lake marathon since my original goal might not be enough any more (yes i have a goal to make a goal)
i * think * i have it figured out... i havent printed out the pace band yet, but almost... (still slightly in denial/wanting to run without my garmin.... somebody thinks thats a really bad idea....)

-200 running miles for the month. yikes.
im currently on pace to accomplish this goal (current mileage: 116) despite feeling like omg i run all the time i haaaate running and taking a break this weekend. i pretty much eat, sleep, breathe running, but its almost taper time (well ok, 4 more weeks...) and i have a 4 mile cushion for the next two weeks so we'll see what ends up happening...

(side note: after this race i have 11 weeks until the next marathon.... training started back in march and wont end until october 14th. who decided to do this again?!)

-go back to the chiropractor
done! and i have another appointment next week!

-regain the attitude: suck it up and just fuckin do it. #bigpimpin
obviously, always. (minus skipping saturdays run hehe oops)

-just breathe

every day. a bunch of times.

yesterdays 19 mile (well, 19.1 mile) run really drove it home how far ive come in my training and that with a little extra push i really can overcome pain and (despite a LOT of complaining) finish strong with a good time. i went out and ran 6 before meeting up with sarah to run 13 with her. she and i are running a half marathon next sunday and ill be pacing her to her goal time, and shes been working really hard at gaining strength and speed as well. ill let the numbers do the talking, but needless to say she pushed me to be fast on this run when i really just wanted to lay down in the road and quit. thank you to best running buddy ever for not letting me fall over and die, although i know if i did she would stop my garmin for me ;) thats what friends are for.

um hi... an 8:17 mile at 19?! shoot. me.
but i love it, obvs.

and i also became an aunt for the first time last week... meet Ronan Joseph Nappi :)

love him.


  1. 1 freaking picture? geez

  2. This round of marathon training has really made you so much faster and stronger! Congrats on being a 1st time aunt!

  3. and you thought that by running with me we'd go slow...mwwahahahaha. payback my dear! xoxo.

  4. I need to see your training plans... I def need to work on the stronger/faster bit of everything! Nice run girl!

  5. What a cute nephew! 200 miles in a month?! Wow!

  6. I totally believe in racing without a Garmin. You know the pace. I also believe you race better and faster without a Garmin. Garmins are great for training but I believe it holds you back in a race. I mean, if you were doing a race and you saw, for example, a 6:XX wouldn't you freak out and therefore slow down? (Or whatever would be too fast.) But if you're just running and you could hold those 6:XXs and finished the race with that pace, then you've succeeded expectations! Race without it!!!

  7. Dude, you're killing it. Not much longer, we just have to keep at it for 5 more weeks... Then until mid October (but who's counting...)
    You know I race garmin-less. But I also don't do marathons for a living (or ever) so am not sure... I just know that there have been times that I would have slowed down per the garms and regretted it later... But I don't exactly marathon.. :-)
    Cute nephew you have there too, congrats!