Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 in review

talking with sarah on saturday, reminiscing about the year (which she was in no doubt a huge part of), i realized just what a silly, fun, crazy, and sometimes stupid year 2012 has truly been. i think that can probably be said about every year though, right? but there were surely a bunch on highlights that i enjoy looking back on, a few i wouldnt mind never thinking of again, and many more i will never, ever forget.


we celebrated our first anniversary

i finally got that sub 23 minute 5k i had been chasing for a LONG time

frozen 5k 22:02 (PR)

a new PR and sub 1:50 half marathon at hyannis

mid winter classic 10 miler 1:19:12 (PR)
polar bear 5k 22:59
hyannis half marathon 1:48:45 (PR)


i fairly unsuccessfully tried to learn to sew (fun fact: i have yet to finish that blanket...)


sipped pina coladas on the beach

great bay half marathon 1:49:49


reached the beach for the 4th time...

and ran a sub 4 marathon. by myself. just because.

polar bear sprint triathlon 1:17:57
reach the beach 200 mile relay 28:43:41
pineland farms 25k 2:35:00

ran my highest monthly mileage (200 miles!)

became an aunt for the first time

bands on the run half marathon 2:05:58


had a very cool 10k experience

got really dirty with a few girls


finish at the 50 10k 1:06:50
color me rad 5k
around the lake marathon 4:30:27


first 50 mile bike ride (and got a flat tire at mile 3)

lobsterman olympic triathlon relay 10k


the sterling clan became a little bit bigger

and shortly thereafter found out we would be getting even bigger (pun intended)

a 17 minute PR and sub 4 hour marathon (finally!)

smuttynose marathon 3:58:14 (PR)


became a marathon maniac once again

mdi marathon 4:34:47


my best friend in the entire world got married!

turkey trot 5k 25:20
thanksgiving day 4 miler 33:16


completed 1,300 miles of running for the year

well, make that 1,306.2 with the operation jack satellite 10k

operation jack 10k

and with today being the last day of the year, i have again completed my new years
resolution for the 3rd year in a row (well i still have todays pic to take... i dont know what pic to take!)

2010: gave up potato chips
(thats 731 pics in a row!)

side note: i will not be doing this resolution again... what will i be doing for 2013?
to be continued...

happy new year everyone!


  1. Great job and what an exciting year!! It was so nice to run with a group, I just might be inspired to do a marathon if I had people to keep me from throwing in the towel at mile 18....

    1. omg yes! sign up for MDI, ill run with you! :) i promise you wont regret it.

  2. Wow, what an exciting year with many milestones to remember!

  3. looks like you had a great year! Here's to an even BETTER one in 2013!!!

  4. I think having a baby is enough for 2013. xoxoxo.

  5. That's a fantastic year!!!!

  6. I loved this recap! I like New Years because people get photo happy and it makes me smile. I'm so excited for 2013 and to meet Christian Grey Sterling and to have repeat awesomness at MDI :-) YAY!!!!!

  7. Wow, what an amazing 2012 you had!! Can't wait to see what 2013 will bring for you!

  8. What a fabulous year! So many exciting things and so much to be proud of.