Wednesday, December 5, 2012

all i want for my dream christmas...

i graciously stole this idea from michelles "christmas in a dream world" post... without even asking! * gasp* im sure shes so pissed...
i usually dont ask for much for christmas, and yet i end up getting a lot. our parents spoil us rotten. but now that im old i get things like underwear and books (things i need, lame). the days of barbie mansion and gameboy games are a thing of the past. (i remember putting together things and playing games for hours on end... oh the joy christmas used to bring). but i do still enjoy christmas... the getting together with family, eating my weight in prime rib and shrimp cocktail, the egg nog! (well not this year, bah humbug!) and watching dad open another year of golf shirts. exciting stuff!

i did manage to find this for my dad (who LOVES lady gaga)... wouldnt you want one too? but alas i am not paying $7.95 for shipping on something thats $14. nope, sorry. tube socks it is.

(incase you won the lottery... buy it here)

so i really asked for a new pair of scrubs, the new JKRowling book (which i know i got cuz i was at the store when my mom bought it), and i mentioned how much fun it would be to have another kitten but i think that fell on deaf ears. or more like his response was "ha, right". fingers crossed. im also fairly sure we will be getting a LOT of baby things. excited first time grandparents-to-be for sure...

but, if i could really have all the things ... here are a few that would go on my unrealistic dream christmas list... in no particular order:
reasonably priced at $175
(may also be found on ebay for $150. clearly its the same thing...)

cuz really, who doesnt like these little blue boxes under the tree at christmas time

of course if that isnt quite extravagant enough, i wouldnt mind this either
$358 seems fair

speaking of blue...
i really want these, but theyre no longer available, boooo

so i would settle for these instead... which also arent available... yet...
(saucony kinvara 4!)
maybe they will be around for mothers day... 
(hoping something else is here for mothers day...) 

the bike i almost bought in august... and thankfully didnt
(but ill take it knowing ill start riding again in... june)

it wont fit for long but its soooo pretty
(this actually could be on my real xmas list)

another item of clothing that wouldnt fit much longer
who doesnt want a $248 cashmere hoodie?!

please. please. want. the "ironman" has to be the best, right?

pottery barn bedding... whole set for a seemingly low price
(compared to all the other expensive stuff) of only $200

starting at $21,600... man shes beautiful. and would look so nice in a driveway
full of snow with a big red bow on her, dont ya think??

and ya know, peace on earth, good will toward men... health and happiness to all friends and family. not too much to ask for i dont think.


  1. I just bought nike lunar glides, and I love them more than I love the nine pairs in a row of Ravennas I just had. Check em out.

  2. Yes and double yes you want the Bob. Worthy every dang penny! (Make sure you get the car seat adapter and the cup holder too!!

  3. Now that actually is not an unreasonable list! You totally need to get the cadillac of jog strollers. Why would you stand for something inferior when you run so much? PUt it on your registry--someone will get it for you!

  4. That is quite a list! I didn't ask for anything this year so everything will be a surprise.

  5. Very reasonable list! LOVE the car. I'd love nothing more than having a new car for once.

  6. 1: Are those Bieber toothbrushes? seriously!!! Now I know what MY Dad is getting for Xmas!
    2: The new JK Rowling book is great. If you love reading a long, boring book about people who you don't care about. ...yeah... not awesome.
    3: I also want the cashmere hoodie and the bike. I really like your Christmas list :-)

  7. LOVE your list!!! Good luck with the car :)

  8. Tiffany & Co, Coach and Volkswagen-three of my favorite brands! Sadly, I don't know if any of my Christmas gifts will be coming from them :(

    Good call on J.K. Rowlings new book- I know its reviews haven't been Harry Potter amazing, but I still want to see what it's all about!