Sunday, December 2, 2012

november in review/16 weeks

the miles felt like they came more easily this month than last month, but i was still 7 miles shorter which i feel is weird. i had a few 8 milers where i felt really strong, and some faster miles as well (my races felt great!). as the weather is getting colder and the roads are icy, im sticking more to the treadmill so im not surprised that my miles are lower. looking forward to the warmer weather coming this week and a long run, so we will see how that goes. im trying to workout 5-6 times a week if i can, which seems to be working out well now that im not exhausted all the time (although the 12 hours of sleep i got last night also helps haha).

running: 60.7 miles
walking: 10 miles
eliptical: 90 min
hrumph. what a year.

races: turkey trot 5kthanksgiving day 4 miler
current song obsession: kelly clarkson "catch my breath"
favorite pin: first of all, i made this soup and it was amazing. seriously, try it. and then this:

how far along? 16 weeks... 24 to go! (i look so awesome in this pic, right? i have plans to run but havent yet... so you get my just woke up/mismatched outfit. lucky you)

total weight gain: 8 lbs. the two ice creams i had yesterday probably didnt help...
babys size/development this week: baby measures 5 in and weighs 6oz this week... and apparently will grow 6x its size in the next 4 weeks. crazy!
maternity clothes: can i just wear my yoga pants from here on out?
stretch marks? no
sleep: overall im sleeping better, my legs seem to have calmed down with the restless leg thing. not very comfortable to sleep on my stomach anymore but im getting used to sleeping on my side.
miss anything? im kinda sad/jealous of all the races everyones planning for next spring/summer. but ill be there to cheer everyone on!
movement? should start feeling something this week or next
food cravings? mmmmm ice cream
anything making you queasy or sick? not yet

best moment of the week: going away for the night to a really nice bed and breakfast in massachusetts with ty

name ideas? i think we know. and youre not going to ;) my mom called to tell me the today show had the top 10 names for 2012 the other day... she read them to me, none of them were on our list. and my mom was bummed we wouldnt budge in telling her. and before anyone asks, we will NOT be naming him/her "hashtag". wtf is wrong with people?!
favorite/least favorite thing about pregnancy thus far: other than gaining a little bit of weight (and my growing chest hehe), i really dont even feel pregnant, which i know im pretty lucky and thankful for. its actually been a very pleasant experience so far (get back to me in may when im sure to be anxious, nervous, uncomfortable, and bitchy haha).
labor signs? ok this one is coming out until it happens. i sure as hell dont want to have any labor signs for another 4 months or so
nursery decor: we painted what we knew would be the future nursery this summer (and by we i mean i...) i have known all along that i didnt really want to know the sex of the baby but i needed to convince ty (which i now have i think). so we painted the room a brown tint of grey... i know that kinda sounds funny but when i originally bought a paint sample and put a small strip on the wall, the color looked purple. so i took it back and talked to the guy at lowes and he said grey paint is usually mixed with blue/purples or browns... i definitely wanted the room to be grey and not purple, so i went with the brown tint. and i absolutely love it. right now we have green accents but i might change that to yellow later on. our furniture will all be white and we havent decided on bedding yet.

chair will be replaced with rocker

im not sure if were going to get a new changing table or make this into one
(crib yet to be assembled on the right)

love our pink tree

we have so much clothes already...

any nicknames for the baby? from day one ty has called the baby "hank". its sticking and i love it.
symptoms: not really
belly button in or out? still in. and this question is also coming out... this freaks me out. switching this question from now on to...
miles run this week: 16
wedding rings on or off? on. they're a little bit big to begin with, especially in the winter when my hands are always cold
mood: happy :)
looking forward to: hearing the heartbeat again this week at our 16 week appointment on tuesday


  1. Can't wait until you start feeling baby Sterling.

  2. you look so freakin cute! I love the baby belly. :) I'm one of those weirdos that will want to touch it. I always ask though. :) I couldn't get enough ice cream with my last one either!

  3. You're adorable - I love the nickname Hank!!!

  4. Dude you are so cute! If I squint my eyes *really* hard I can almost see a tiny baby bump :-)