Sunday, May 5, 2013

38 weeks

how far along: 38 weeks!
total weight gain: 36 lbs, which is where i think ill be staying... my belly hasnt grown in almost two weeks and i actually lost a pound and a half between my last two appointments (that were only 5 days apart). this is semi concerning to me (and my doctor) but they are monitoring things and we will see if anything has changed at tomorrows appointment. the doctor said they need to monitor the growth on a two week basis, so next tuesdays appointment if i havent grown or gained any weight, or if the baby isnt growing then she will induce me. but she for some reason doesnt think i will make it to then (im thinking if im not growing and the baby continues trying to grow, my water will inevitably have to break, right?)babys size/development this week: baby should be almost 7 lbs and 19 inches long, approx the size of a leek. i love what the description says on baby center: "we know what youre thinking- 'theres no way my baby is the size of a leek, i feel ginormous!' well as much time as we spent at the farmers market and on the USDA site, it wasnt easy to find the perfect produce for every week of development. the leek is just an approximation". no kidding... seeing as how i have no idea what some of the produce is youve compared my little one to along the way. unfortunately (or fortunately for my lower body parts...) hank is only measuring just over 6lbs. along with my weight loss/no belly growth, hank only went from approx 6lbs at my 36 week appointment to 6lbs 4oz at my 37 week appt (5 days later). the ultrasounds at this stage in the pregnancy can be off by 15% or more, so that weight difference could be greater or less than they say.   
maternity clothes: yeah im still wearing them, nothing new... this question is getting old. i cant wait to NOT wear maternity clothes anymore (i dont have a lot of options and im not going to buy anything else). everything at the stores is so cute right now and i just want to shop!
miss anything? i miss a sense of normalcy.... which i know will never return to what it was, but im excited for the "new normal".
food cravings: im not craving anything, including food. im not hungry, i cant eat much without feeling full.
anything making you queasy or sick? no
sleep: im not sleeping very well... still not needing to pee at all times of the night (although i was awake at 3am the other night and decided i would go to the bathroom... didnt wake up because i had to pee though). i wake up and find myself sleeping on my stomach (how is this even possible?!) and then i get scared that im squishing hank. i toss and turn, and am most comfortable on my back, although i know thats not great either. every night i fall asleep hoping ill get a good nights sleep, and that my water will wait to break until the am so that im not exhausted for labor haha.     
best moment of the week: we had a high risk ultrasound last monday. sorry for the vagueness... ill write more about it in another post at some point (everything is ok). after meeting with three doctors that day, we got a lot of good news that relieved our anxiety. last weekend into monday was a roller coaster to say the least, but it was by far a really great day overall.
nursery: ready and waiting
weddings rings on or off? back on. hands feel less swelled than usual. 
movement? a little less than i am used to but i know there isnt much room for hank to move around so its understandable. i get nervous when i dont feel it move for awhile and relieved when i finally do.
labor signs? nothing substantial. doctor checked me last monday and i was "thinning" and 1cm dilated. a lot of pressure and some cramping, but no real contractions. braxton hicks contractions started again though which i havent had in a few weeks. 
weird pregnancy thing of the week: ive been getting hot flashes around noon/1pm every day. a wave of heat just comes over me and my face turns bright red and i get hot and sweaty. fun stuff.
daddy is feeling: "old". today is daddy's 30th birthday, happy birthday! apparently hank didnt care to make an appearance today, which is nice since daddy was a little bit hungover.
mommy is feeling: as always im anxious... im ready to meet this little person, excited to find out whether hank is a boy or a girl (i still think girl), ready to figure out what this new way of life is going to be like! our bags are all packed and ready to go... i just hate this whole unknown/waiting game! lets get this show on the road haha.
workouts this week: just more walking this week. havent been back to the gym since before the boston marathon (im pretty sure the lady that works the desk M-F mornings, who by the way is obsessed with my baby, probably thinks i went into labor). i might go tomorrow am before my doctors appointment, but its been so nice in the mornings that i have really loved just walking. i also mowed the lawn yesterday, which ty and my mom werent all too pleased with (and yes, it was a push mower). i dont feel like i need to restrict myself if things feel good. sometimes walking is uncomfortable with all the pressure and the random jabs on whatever nerves run up and down my insides at times, and if i get uncomfortable or feel pain i stop. i dont think im pushing it, and im not going to just sit around on the couch all day just because im pregnant. but yes, i still told my mom that the dog moved his dog crate down to the basement before the birthday party, and i purposely asked my father in law to reach on top of the cabinets to get a bowl down so that my mother in law wouldnt freak out about me climbing on the counter to get it myself. i do a lot of things i shouldnt, whatever.
looking forward to: another ultrasound tomorrow am (were having weekly ultrasounds from here on out). my doctor wants to measure my amniotic fluid level and if it is low we just might get to meet hank sooner rather than later!


  1. Lol most of this just cracked me up...the lame. And trying to do too much and getting in trouble for it lol. And the lady obsessed with your baby. Boo hot flashes...Gah now I'm just dreading menopause after this pregnancy. I hope the ultrasound looks good tomorrow. Shoot me an email and let me know! I'll be thinking of you guys!

  2. hope the ultrasound goes well today! i can't believe baby hank will be here very very soon!

    for the record...i've been trying to do too much too. oh well :)

  3. I had 2x week ultrasounds for the last 5 weeks...loved seeing her on the screen :)

    I'm so excited for you and Ty, your new "normal" is going to be awesome!

  4. Can't wait for that kid do come out! Good luck getting thru these last few days. :-)

  5. You are getting SO close!!! How exciting. I'm glad to hear that anxieties were relieved in whatever the heck was going on. I love that you are going to be surprised by the sex of the baby. :)