Tuesday, August 3, 2010

mmmm coffee

do you like coffee?

do you like coffee as much as i do?
ill answer for you.... most likely not.

among the very few readers who take the time out of their day to read the nonsense i tend to blog about:

sarah just spent 9 months growing a human, so she couldnt have coffee. news is now out that its semi-ok to have coffee while pregnant... i dont care if my future baby comes out shaped like a coffee bean and smelling like french vanilla or hazelnut, theres no way ill be able to give up coffee for that long.

andrea drinks NO coffee. im really not sure how this is possible.

katie's heart freaks out when caffeine enters her system, even with GU. so shes out.

not sure about jeri's coffee intake.... but ill just say i drink a LOT of coffee, so she and i can battle it out (although coffee might make us run faster, jeri....... 22:xx!)

why all the coffee talk?
courtney works at starbucks (and even has their phone number on her roadID. talk about hardcore! haha. ok maybe im the only one that thinks thats funny.... and awesome. and i doubt anyone from my work would come save my sorry ass if i was lying on the side of the road so im slightly jealous). aaaaanyway, she is having a sweet coffee mug giveaway! so head on over to her site (or dont, cuz i want to win haha.... but ok ill give you a chance).

keep in mind, i already have this one....

dont you all want me to win so i can start a collection? just what i need, more coffee mugs....


  1. hahah, this is awesome! 2 of my roommates drinking coffee and i love the smell. yummmmm.

  2. haha this is funny. :) I used to be a barista at a coffee shop so you know I'm a bit of an addict. :p