Monday, December 19, 2011

2012... we'll see what happens

ok so there  are 13 days left in the year...

 hold up
wait a second
back the train up... THIRTEEN FREAKING DAYS?!

what happened to this year?!
 ....i think we all remember the first day of the year....

best set of progression photos EVER. hands down.

and then there was this...

and im sure the bud light led to this...

it boggles my mind that that was 50 weeks ago.

anyway, moving on...
a lot happened this year, and quite fittingly i documented our first year of marriage... all the ups and downs, highs and lows, with my new years resolution.
no i wasnt really there.
yes i took a pic of the tv.
(that was pic # 119)

i havent quite figured out what im going to do with all of the photos just yet but ill figure it out.
i also havent yet figured out a resolution next year (no i will not be giving up potato chips again)...

(yes that really happened in 2009).

my whole 50 in 2011 wasnt a huge bust, a few just werent feasable. maybe ill carrry
it over into next year. my cousins getting married sometime so that will get us back to st.louis i hope.

so after going back and forth on a few things...

 danielles's 2012 race schedule(please note this doesnt include boston. sad panda)

2/5- Mid Winter Classic 10 miler
2/11- Polarbear 5k
2/26- Hyannis Half
4/7- Great Bay Half or Race the Runways Half
5/5- Polarbear Sprint Tri (yikes!)
5/18- Mass RTB 200 mile Relay

and thats it.
yes i know its only til may.
im gonna volunteer/cheer my head off for lots of people i do & dont know.
(this also doesnt include boston. please dont hate me all my boston peeps,
myrtle beach is calling my name)
and im gonna get THIS girl to the finish line of her first 26.2 if it kills me.

and then some other stuff might happen next year.

we'll see what happens....


  1. You're not gonna be in Boston?????????????

    :( :( :( :( :(: ( :(

  2. Sweet race schedule so far! I vote Race The Runways 1/2 - that sucker is 100% flat. AND she WILL cross the finish line to her 1st flat especially with a friend like you!

  3. Oh I love the photos from your wedding. That is so funny! My two best men (since I had a maid and matron of honor) put HELP ME under my husband's shoes to be seen when he kneeled down. The priest didn't find the joke funny but everyone else did. LOL! Hope y'all have a Merry CHristmas!

  4. I am so sad you won't be in boston. you better be knocked up by then OR ELSE. was that TMI?