Friday, December 16, 2011

fun fact friday

1. i downloaded the blogger app and this is my first post. not sure how i feel about it... i like the computer.

2. you guys all know we got a kitten... and many of you have commented on how cute she is and "omg i just want to squeeze her and hug her and keep her for my very own!". id like to remind you that you do not in fact live with her. shes a spaz.

3. i stopped drinking coffee on monday. NO im not pregnant. YES im crazy. i had major withdrawal effects on monday/tuesday. ive never slept better than the last three days.

4. i sent out over 75 Christmas cards this year. some were generic, some were wedding photo, one was a postcard. i hand decorated many of the envelopes. next year everyones getting an email. or a mass tweet/facebook post.

5. everyone i know is getting pregnant. im hoping the stork didn't get the memo we moved.

6. im supposed to get in the pool soon but i got a tattoo so that means not til another month, right?

7. im hoping to have some big scary awesome news for everyone on monday (it has nothing to do with #5).

8. 900 miles for the year just.might.happen.

9. it doesn't feel like Christmas this year... warm weather, no snow, i have to work xmas day, not gonna be the same without Aaron.

10. im growing my own cat grass. sign #1 im becoming a cat person.

11. sign #2, chips has her own stocking.

12. yesterdays 12 miles on the bike confirmed i will never hear the words "Danielle Sterling, you are an ironman". and im ok with that.

13. im super anxious about race planning and resolutions for next year. no idea why.

14. i wish they made mint hot chocolate all year long. 

15. ive been listening to christina perri's "a thousand years" on repeat on youtube. i finally actually watched the video. ruined the twilight series for me (im only on book 2).

16. im super nostalgic about our wedding right now and cried listening to my father daughter dance song/looking at pics last night. i want to go do it all over again this year!


  1. As long as we're racing together at some point, I'm happy! Oh and you can have mint hot chocolate year round...just buy a box =) Ghiradelli makes a really good one!

  2. Re: 3, I quit all caffeine over seven years ago. Doing that was harder even than quitting smoking, but I'm glad I did; now, however, I am so sensitive to it I can't even eat chocolate. Not even chocolate coated things. On the other hand, I sleep wonderfully.

  3. keep your weird prego vibes away from me plz!