Thursday, December 15, 2011

ornament swap

if you guys didnt get involved with the 2011 ornament swap from laura, you missed out! this was the first year that i participated in something like this (i also saw secret santa stuff on daily mile, and card swaps via a few different blogs)... but i thought this was a fun way to get to know someone and get a cute ornament id be able to put on the tree every year.

i was paired up with jackie, and we quickly found out we had a lot in common! we both got married this year and our favorite color was pink :) it was also really cool that we lived probably the furthest apart that we possibly could (well in the US anyway), with me in maine and her in california! thanks again to laura for putting the ornament swap together and matching me up with jackie!

i had a few ideas in mind what i was going to send her, but ultimately i went with the L.L.Bean ornament, since that is such a maine thing. i added in a lobster candy and some peppermint bark and sent it on its way. i had thought about sending a postcard from maine but i thought she might think that was lame....

a couple days later i got her package...

handmade PINK glittery ormanents!

holiday erasers... LOVE!

hometown postcards (apparently my idea would not have been thought of as dumb lol)

cute cute cute xmas card
it was so fun doing this and i cant wait to do it again next year! thanks jackie for my ornaments and my goodies!!

our tree is all up and decorated, minus the bottom foot or so (the recent addition of a kitten to our household has warranted some kitten proof things, the tree being one of them). shes already learned to climb (horray) and im sure shes done her fair share of eating (enjoy that trip to the bathroom!)

please note the discheveled (spelling?!) tree skirt.

as jeri so lovely put it: "I iz in yo tree. Being ur twinkle lightz."

and my very favorite ornament of alllll

happy holidays!!


  1. Holy crap- your cat is so cute. I just want to take her out of that tree an squeeeeeeze her!
    Happy happy holidays!!

  2. i love that chips is all up in your tree and T could care less about ours!! :) xoxo

  3. your cat is killing me, hahahaha.

  4. Im so glad you loved them! That is so funny about the post cards! Cause while I was picking them out I was thinking the same thing, I hope she doesn't think this is dumb! HAHA! Glad you loved it:) Im gonna blog about my fun package in the next couple days! MErry Christmas!

  5. So glad you participated and enjoyed it! :) Thanks for linking up your post!