Friday, December 23, 2011

fun fact friday

welcome to yet another super exciting edition of fun fact friday! (applause, applause). i know you are all so happy to be here, so lets see what awesomely interesting things i can come up with for you today! (read: i am lame and bored and my lifes not all too interesting or exciting but im gonna try to pull some random stuff out for you to spend the next few minutes reading about and then move on with your day).

1. theres this part of the highway i drive to work on where the speed limit starts at 55 and then about 5 miles later turns into 65. more often than not i forget the increase and cruise along at 55 for a few miles before i realize i could go faster.

2. ive gotten so many speeding tickets its ridiculous. cruise control is now my best friend.

3. picked up a night shift tonight. only 5 more hours to go... saving lives, no big deal. its a special power i have.

4. i wish i could like the "we fell in love in a hopeless place" song. i just cant. they just keep repeating that line over and over! (on a related note, she's making a hell of a lot more $ than i am just on that one song alone. sigh.)

5. the radio in our staff office just randomly turned on, playing 'step into Christmas'. neat.

6. ill admit to making a salad to bring with me to work and stopping at mcdonalds for chicken nuggets to put on it. sarah finds this highly amusing.

7. i often listen to my ipod in my car. the radio stations just don't do it for me all the time. and then ill forget and try to turn the car radio volume down. minor blonde moments.

8. i heard a song earlier from wicked that i really love... the lyrics were: "ive heard it said, that people come into our lives for a reason...". im a firm believer of that, for people past, present, & future. but there are people who are no longer in my life who once were and i miss them sometimes.

9. life is too short to not do what you want and have fun. im reminded of that each and every day.

10. my favorite movies are "st.elmos fire" and "shes having a baby". dont ever watch the second one if youre pregnant. someday ill make tyler watch it.

11. my phone ring tone is "ooh breathe, just breathe" by anna nalick, my blog is named after that song, i just tattooed "breathe" on my body... yet i do not have that song on my ipod.

12. i didnt apply to be on big brother this year like i said i was going to, but im still considering it for the future.

13. i dont remember the last time i applied any sort of make up.

14. i think ive talked more about jennifer anniston in the past few weeks than i have this whole year. thanks to sam.

15. im running two 10k's this weekend.

16. i have a complex over how the toilet paper is placed on the holder. it needs to roll OVER, not under. i change it if i find them under.

17. this warm december weather kinda freaks me out. maine is supposed to be cold and white right now.

18. i go skiing approximately once every 3 years. i am NOT good at it. i like taking breaks to have hot chocolate and french fries in the lodge.

19. my feet are always cold.

20. i feel strangely good about my decision not to run a marathon next year.

21. it needs to be march soon so i can go see hunger games. SO excited.

22. a) i put shane battier on my nba fantasy league team. i will still run away with you shane, give me a call. then we'll pick up Jennifer anniston and live happily ever after.
22. b) i dont even watch the nba, so my team should do real well.

happy snowy friday!


  1. I love your posts! But is it true that you're not running a marathon next year?

  2. wow. pulling at some overnighter strings for this post, huh? hahaha. yes. i like chicken on a homemade salad. sooooo healthy.