Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby got track?

id say yesterday mornings workout with sarah was more like baby lack track. or baby wanna smack track.
 the original 4:30am track workout goal was:

7 mile heart rate run
.5 mile warm up
1 mile at 140
.25 cool down*
1 mile at 150
.25 cool down
1 mile at 160
.25 cool down
1 mile at 170
.25 cool down
1 mile at 180
.5 mile cool down

*cool down after a 11 min mile makes me laugh

(ok i lied... original original track plan was 800s. im refusing to do those until further notice, and sarah gave them up for lent.)

so anyway... 2nd original plan:


couldnt keep my hr at 140... its not as easy as you think,
even with a resting rate of 48

original goal turned into second goal:
b. run 6 miles

sweet negative splits though

ohhhh look at that:

  (*side note: i had to go to work, which meant needing to go home and shower ((only for the sake of my coworkers and patients... we all know i would sit at home til at least noon)) so that meant having to leave the track by 5:30. i looked at my watch around mile 4 and it read 5:18. i told sarah "alright, we have time for 2 more miles. yeah.. if we were kenyan maybe. math: fail).

final result:
c. run 5.6 boring miles, alternate directions every few laps, add in some 100 yard strides, and complain every other sentence....


(slight exaggeration... maybe)

are we running or swimming?

we decided a few things:

1. still love 4:30am (despite putting on all workout clothes and getting back into bed while texting the other person to see if they still want to go.... this happens more often than not)
2. track would be better if it were not .25 miles around
3. turning around and going in the other direction does not make track any less boring
4. neither of us are good at math when running (7.5 laps does not equal 3 miles)
5. the track might be more fun if we recruited more runners to join us

so who wants to join us next time??


  1. I want to do track workouts too...but you are totally not convincing me. But the dark picture you have up there definitely describes what it looks like at 4:30 and what I'd be doing/thinking!

    If I didn't live an hour away, I'd join you because I don't want to do them alone either.

  2. You're least you have a track buddy. I have to trek by myself 2 miles through the ghetto (because public transportation doesn't go to the track) and then do stupid track work by myself.


  3. By join you mean text you as I crawl into bed for the night as you 2 are starting your run right? If so I am totally up for that :)

  4. Im dying!!!!!! hahaha. im actually pretty impressed by those splits because i really thought/felt like i was running 10 minute miles the entire time!!! and the 100m strides? i think i ran those at an 11 min pace. the picture of us in the dark...thats no exaggeration...i had my phone on me the entire time!!! that creepy guy in the parking lot may have kidnapped us.