Monday, March 26, 2012

dear monday

dear hunger games,
ive heard mixed reviews and now im nervous. thursday is the big day. please dont disappoint.

dear pete pfitzinger,
for 2 years ive attempted your 18/55 plan in the summer/fall. not so good. were giving it another shot, starting with yesterdays lactate threshold run. 8 miles, with 4 @ half marathon race pace (8:13). and todays a rest day! look at that, so far so good. (side note: im kinda sorta cheating on you with a slight addition/modification of mcmillian. you have to know im probably not the only person to do this.
im sure youll get over it)

dear spring cleaning,
i have finally allowed myself to get rid of things that have cluttered my mind and my life for too long now. the weight/space that it all took up (both physically and emotionally) now feels open and free. and it feels really, really good.

dear sarah,
thank you for one of the best long runs i have had in FOREVER.
"it probably isnt the first time and it definitely wont be the last."

dear last weeks warm weather,
please return sooner rather than later. k thanks.

dear tri training,
i promise to try and get back in the pool this week. it wasnt my fault that the pool was closed last week when i tried to go! (it was my fault that i didnt return back the following morning, but we wont talk about that for now). swim/bike/run brick coming up this week...

dear monday,
i think i need a break... deep breath...


  1. my vote: the movie was EXCELLENT.

  2. I am getting dragged to that silly movie this week.

  3. I'm a HG Super fan and my vote... No matter how much you like it you will still be mad about a couple things! Things that are kind of a big deal in my opinion, but hey- I'm PICKY!
    I agree that the warm weather needs to come back- this 19 degrees BS with 40 MPH winds is pretty horrific if you ask me...

  4. A movie will never compare to the book. I have no complaints. In my mind, Lenny Kavitz was similar to what I pictured Cinna to be like when I read the book. He wasnt as flamboyant as the character in the book but I felt he was a great choice. I enjoyed the movie very much and so did my husband. He didn't read the books so he has nothing to compare it to.