Monday, March 19, 2012

dear monday

dear monday, nothing like starting out the week with a solid run and a dance party on the drive to work. so thanks for that. lets do this again next week, shall we?

dear coffee, i know i said i was going to cut back... clearly you know i havent. youre the best.

dear may-like weather in march, i welcome you with a huge smile :) how about no more snow, k? til 2013. cool.

dear 4:30am running, i might grumble and hit snooze a few (three) times but i looooooove how good i feel after. remind me of that next time (tomorrow).

dear ncaa bracket, a little less red X's, a few more black circles... how about it?

dear dumb toenail, make a decision... stay or go.

dear anyone, wanna come to the 11:58pm hunger games showing with me on thursday?

dear himym, tonights new episode better be good... youve been warned.


  1. I wanna read the book first but thanks for the invite!! :)

  2. I would gladly come with you to Hunger Games. Unfortunately, I live in Ohio.

    As far as HIMYM, don't you wish they'd start tying together some storylines before it gets cancelled and we never find out?

  3. I remember running at 4:30am a few times... ok so maybe it was closer to 5:15am. I prefer running in the morning too but I just hate getting out of bed that early.

    I plan on seeing the movie this week too, down here in Louisiana though. Hopefully we will go Friday or Saturday.