Friday, August 3, 2012

july recap & 200th post!

july recap:

july sucked. it was hot and humid and i got really sunburnt. i didnt eat enough ice cream or drink nearly enough beer. and i wrote all over every internet outlet i have (which is now up to about 367 things) how awesome my running was going and psyched myself up for going sub 4 in my marathon that i trained 18 long weeks for, and it didnt happen. so that was cool.

but i guess if there has to be something good that came out of july, i had made one goal for myself for the month (as opposed to trying to do ALL THE GOALS like i usually do):

"cross the finish line of marathon #6 with a smile on my face"

success. (even if the reason i was smiling was because i was finally done and didnt have to run anymore. and i also needed to be sick, again, and didnt have to do it on the side of the road. win!)

run: 150 miles
bike: 57 miles

(year update: 884 running miles for 2012, 411 biking miles for 2012)
swim: haha

# of ice baths: 6
# of times i threw up: 4
# of times i decided to retire from running: 3
# of pounds i lost on my super awesome 5 hour weight loss plan: 6.4lbs
french fries and pizza with ranch eaten: 6.4 lbs


finish on the 50 10k- by far the most awesome finish to a race. nothing cooler than running through the tunnel and out onto the field where the patriots play! (ok im sure there are a lot of other cool things out there, but this was an experience for sure)

around the lake marathon- you all know how that went.

august goals:

no, wait... more ice cream.

so, moving on and switching gears a little bit.... todays post is # 200! (applause, applause... ive successfully come to some akwardly large number of entries documenting the last two plus years of my random life...)

when i started writing, i figured it was going to be mostly about running but i really wasnt sure at the time which direction it would take off in. i started writing on october 27th 2009, and looking back im really glad i did it. i know i wont write forever but its fun to look back and read through the experiences ive had and how i felt at the time. i also have the first year of this blog in hard cover print (thanks to my husband who got it made for me for my wedding gift), and i hope to get the rest of it printed out at some point.

since the majority of this blog is about running, here are my current racing stats:

 -eighteen 5k's
 -four 4 milers
 -one 5 miler
 -eighteen 10k's
 -fifteen half marathons
 -six marathons
 -four reach the beach 200 mile relays
 -one sprint triathlon
 -one 25k trail race

so yeah, i run. a lot. and ive blogged about running a lot. but ive done some other things over the years too:
(which includes how to add links.... i apologize about that one...)

-i finally saw my favorite band of all time (set list here)

-we got married
-i revealed the other love of my life

-we bought a house

-heaven gained another angel

and a whole lot of other really random stuff. this
........and this........
.............annnnnnnnd this

and so this journey will still continue on. im not retiring from running as previously mentioned after last weeks race. there will be more ups and downs in this unpredictable world, and new experiences ill want to write about/share. there are times when i think about why i really write this blog... i know a few people read it and thats great and i appreciate all the comments (and ive met some really awesome friends through blogs/twitter/etc), but i do this for myself first and foremost, and am happy to have it as an outlet to write and look back on.


  1. Congrats on your 200th post! So many milestones in the last 200 and I'm sure there will be just as many in the next 200.

  2. Nice job making it to 200. I wonder what post # I'm at? (vows to check...) Very impressed with your race count as well as the number of times that you have decided to quit and take up something sedentary and logical like knitting, or drinking. Or knitting while drinking which would make for some interesting crafts... Hmmmmm.

  3. Wow. Your list of races makes me want to sign up for some more. I feel like such a slacker compared to you! :) By the way - I tagged you!

  4. Just found your cool blog. I read about your marathon experience. Those things never go as planned, but you survived! Have a great August!

  5. And then there was the night I read all 200 hundred posts instead of watching the closing ceremonies....I lead an exciting life :) I finished at 2:22 my time no less :)

  6. You... are... AWESOME. I'd be lucky if I could ever run 800+ miles halfway through the year!