Sunday, January 6, 2013

21 weeks

how far along? 21 weeks
total weight gain: more than i would like... back to the gym asap
babys size/development this week: baby has gone from banana (last week... mmmm bananas) to a carrot this this week. our last ultrasound had it measuring at 14oz and 55th percentile for size. i guess thats good?
maternity clothes: got a few pairs of pants from my friend amy (thanks!) and ive prety much been living in my new sweatpants (victorias secret, not maternity) that i got for xmas since i was sick all week
sleep: i have slept SO MUCH this week. getting over 8 hour each night, a 2.5 hour nap during the day... this cold has wiped me out. sleeping on my side has become more comfortable
miss anything? ham and cheese sandwich cravings are back. one wont hurt me, right?
movement? all the time! mostly when i lie down to go to sleep. ty felt it kick for the first time the day after christmas, and its getting so strong now. very cool, and weird. and awesome.
food cravings? cocoa puffs. seriously, what is it with this whole chocolate thing? ive never really been a chocolate person!
anything making you queasy or sick? nope
best moment of the week: seeing the baby again on the ultrasound and hearing the heartbeat
name ideas: went back and forth on the girls name... changed it to something else, then went back to the original name. boys name hasnt changed.
nursery: put the crib together today! and we braved babies r us (that place overwhelms me!) and added a few things to our registry today.

miles run this week: 3. big fat stupid fail. and i really struggled on those three miles. but i was sick, and still got in like 3 walking miles and 9 miles on the eliptical so theres that.
wedding rings on or off? still no ring (getting fixed), should be back jan 29th.
mood: other than being sick im in a pretty good mood.


  1. Angie came over today and told me all about the way her baby is kicking the bejeebus out of her (seriously. she kept shouting "he's kicking me in the TAINT", hahaha what???!!!!) I hope you girls enjoy creating life. I'm gonna stick to not doing that. :-) PS: you look cute and, per the norm, your hair looks annoyingly good. Gahd...

  2. dude, its cool! you guys would have athletic babies with sweet fashion skillz ;) also, I showered yesterday. my hair is gross, and ridiculously long from the pre natal vitamins.

    1. Maybe I need to take pre natal vitamins just for my hair. I'm thinking about the look on Eric's face if he saw a bottle of THOSE lurking in the medicine cabinet. HAH!

  3. A) You and the nursery both look great!
    B) As far as maternity clothes go...embrace the panel! It will be your best friend!!

    Hope you're feeling better. Sick + pregnant = No bueno!