Saturday, January 26, 2013

the great target chair debacle

so theres this place i go pretty much any day that i can. one might say im addicted, but i have a feeling im not the only person out there in this world that feels this way. i love it. my checkbook hates it. my husband doesnt understand the obsession (but usually knows where to find me when ive been gone for awhile). i think you may have heard of it before...

now, i am not totally against walmart (although it is 2 miles further down the street), but i feel like there are things at target that walmart doesnt have (ill admit i havent taken the time to really check the differences). target has almost everything i need, and now that our local store has groceries its like your one stop store for ALL THE THINGS (which of course i buy)! and then they added this:

why would one ever leave?!

so like i said, i go there a lot. id be surprised if my store didnt have me on some top shopper of the year calendar or something (if that happens ill need to start shopping in some better clothes than my sweatpants...). im still waiting for the call to model their athletic clothing in the fliers.

m sure youll agree that the store is laid out pretty perfectly. i usually go in for toilet paper or cat/dog food... but those things are at the end right near the registers (when you walk in on the left), and it feels weird to walk in and go left (we do live in a right minded world...) so whats on the right when i walk in? clothes! and i love targets clothes! right now there are specifically bathing suits directly as you enter, which i am in NO shape or color to try on at this time, but i do like to look. sadly i have to skip over the cute clothes and go to maternity but how convenient, they are next in line! and across from that.... athletic wear. genius. i pretty much own every color in these fabulous wonders:
and ill buy two when they go on sale for $12.99

what comes next... baby section. its no wonder we already have so much stuff....

my cart is usually pretty well stocked at this point and remember? i only came here for toilet paper and cat/dog food. this happens every damn time! halfway through the store i might realize i dont need a new laundry basket and track back through the store to return it (yes, i am one who brings the things back to their rightful place. i know people have jobs to do this sort of thing but it bugs me to find things out of place. carts outside that arent in the little corrals too... dont get me started). anyway, on my trip back to bring the unneeded laundry basket back ill be sure to find some throw pillow that would look great on the bed that i missed the first time through... its truly a vicious cycle.

walking through the food secion is terrible when/if im hungry (when am i not?) then onto beauty supplies (ha, skip), candles and house cleaning items that we already have a zillion of but sure, we can always use more! i get stuck in the card section for a while, finding the perfect card to send someone "just because". and finally onto the registers, where i check out, take everything i didnt come for out to the car, drive home, unpack, and realize i didnt get toilet paper or cat/dog food. every. damn. time. so that means i get to go back! and on the off chance that i did remember to buy what i actually went to target for, i still end up with about $50 worth of things that i didnt go there for, and inevitably i later find the coupons that i had in my jacket pocket to use on the things i went there for that i forgot to give to the cashier.

alright, so anyway... i love target. we know this. but last week had to be the most ridiculous chain of events i have ever had there. my mom and i have been eyeing a rocker/glider for the nursery for about a month or two now. we had painted the nursery gray last summer and we have all white furniture so i knew i wanted something to match along with those colors. and when we saw this rocker, i instantly fell in love.

must be mine.

priced at $199.99 i felt that was fairly reasonable, i sat in it and it felt comfortable, but when we saw it that first day we didnt buy it and decided to shop around a little more. babies r us has one that was similar but cost more and wasnt any more comfortable. my mom went back to target one day after we had seen the chair and it was marked on sale for $179.99 so she decided she would take it. she got someone to come over and help her, and they told her that the chair was no longer on sale and she would have to buy it at its original price. annoying... take the sale price off the chair then, thanks. they did tell her to keep checking back though since the chair would most likely go on sale again. yeah, cuz we have the time to just keep checking back (hehe, fine, we come here every day. no big deal).

the chair continued to be its original price for weeks and we eventually started thinking we would just buy the damn thing and stop obsessing over $20 savings. fast forward to last saturday when mom and i went out shopping. i dont think we even needed to go to target for anything but alas, there we were walking through the door. "lets just go buy the chair since were here". ok!

and this is what we found:
$139.99. boom.

so we called the sales associate over, he took off for the back stockroom to get our chair and about a half hour later came back with the most mangled looking box you have ever seen. he brought it up to customer service with us, where the chair rang up at $199.99. after some research and a manager going back to see the clearance sticker, we got the chair for the sale price. miraculously this mangled box the size of a house fit in the back of my moms new car perfectly, ty brought the box up to the nursery, and all was grand.

until i went to set it up. i opened the mangled box and it was the wrong damn chair. brown wood, brown cushion. ugh. (im sure if i did futher looking the chair was probably broken too)

$160.98... not sure why the color difference makes it more expensive on clearance

ty loaded up the box into the truck and we headed back to target, a sales associate came out and got the box, brought it back inside and went to search for the right chair. which they of course didnt have. my mom had taken the receipt with her so i couldnt return the chair... we loaded it back up into the truck and took it home. i called four stores to try to find the right chair, finally finding it in salem, new hampshire which is an hour and a half away. they told me it was on clearance so they couldnt hold it, nor would they let my mom buy it over the phone (which i still think is weird...). did we really want to take the chance of driving all that way to find that its the wrong chair or that they didnt have any more? (and they also wouldnt ship it to my store). we then remembered a friend of ours lives right near that store and called to see if he would mind going to pick it up... luckily we have nice friends and he didnt mind. thanks brett!

the next day ty got the chair back into the truck and my mom came to meet me at target and we returned it (and then walked around the store and bought more things, shocking). later that morning brett called: "so i went to target this am... they had the chair. on sale. no sales tax. $99."

seriously? get your shit together target! but haha! win.

brett brought the chair up to maine and dropped it off to ty this week. ill say i was a little nervous to open the box, thinking it was probably a hot pink bean bag chair or something (which i may have been ok with), but alas, the chair was ours.



  1. I once went to Target and bought zero things...which was very odd since I had Christmas gifts to buy! I made up for it the next day and went to 3 different Targets though and bought all of the things :) So glad you found your rocker

  2. omg that is freakin funny! score!!! I would have said f**k it by the first screw up and told them to kiss it. It's so funny how things just work out sometimes. :) It looks great too. :)

  3. congrats! I go to target before working Saturday opens at 8am and I work at 9! Only way to keep my purchases below $ 30 minutes flat!

  4. Kate, Angie and I went to Florida last Spring (ya know, to go to the beach, drink beers and stuff.) For WHATEVER reason we went to Target every day, wasted a ridiculous amount of time and bought heaps of things that we did not need. So I understand the obsession. And congrats on getting the sweet chair on the cheap!

  5. Haaaaaa. Oh, Target.

    The chair IS beautiful. Nice work ;)

  6. Great chair!! I love Target, we have one right next to my job and I spend almost every lunch there...VERY dangerous!!!

  7. That is quite a series of events just to get the chair but once I've got my heart set on something I have a hard time not doing everything I can to make sure I get it.


    Sorry for that...I have had the EXACT SAME ISSUES WITH THIS CHAIR!!!! And I am hating Target right now. We've been dealing with it since right after Christmas. Cody went to get it and surprise me for my Christmas present and they had it at the store (on display) but they didn't actually have it in stock. So they called around to the other stores and no dice.

    Fast forward a few weeks---we were at Target and I stopped by the chair and saw the new sale price of $139 and asked the sales associate if they had it. They still didn't, but he called the Target down the road and they said they did. We raced over there and it was the BROWN chair!

    So we're still chairless...and I'm wondering if I should just order it online (not on sale)...but I just can't bring myself to do it because I know it'll go down in price soon.

    Anyways...sorry for the long message. Congrats on your win over Target! Wish me luck with mine lol