Sunday, January 20, 2013

winter running style

as much as i would love to deny it, winter in maine is here in full effect. and that means winter running. sure, there are days when the roads are too slippery and the wind chill below zero is just too damn cold for even hardcore me (haha, right) to run outside, in which case ill either sleep in, skip my run, or complain for a few miles on the dumb treadmill (see, so hardcore). but most often ill brave the weather, bundle up, and head out on the road to get some miles in. 

fact. unless youre pregnant. then you should just stay inside and nest all winter, right?

this past friday i met up with michelle to run a few miles around portland before an appointment she had down this way (all in favor of her moving down here.... yes please!) upon waking up that morning the temperature read 7 degrees and with the wind chill "feels like -2". awesome. 

i love trying to con people OUT of running...

but like the badass hardcore chicks we are, off we went. we started out on the back cove path, but quickly made our way onto the road since the path was full of snow/ice/slush. my face was freezing for the first mile or so but after we started sweating i actually felt like i was way overdressed and started peeling off layers.

apaprently the right way to run in the winter...
(please note the hat and gloves match)

sports bra, sweatshirt, hat, top layer, bottom layer, neck warmer, two pairs of gloves, running tights, sweatpants... i think i got that whole layers thing covered...

and i look like a fool about to rob a bank. but i was warm! 
and my hat/gloves match, style win.
1. check (x a lot)! 2. check! 3. check! 4 check! 5. check!

overall we had a great run, despite the cold and wind. michelle was waaaaay more stylish than i was (not surprising... a lot of my clothes dont fit anymore... yeah thats my excuse). we had some great conversations about pneumonia and the lovely act of giving birth (barf). got in 5 miles and really felt great.
a little but more stylish here...
(i know im not running but snowshoeing is a great winter exercise!)

a chilly winter run last year... and we matched!

smartly dressed winter runners... and very bright!

luckily my next race is in sunny tampa florida at the end of february... where ill be sporting my new tank top and capris!


  1. what a cute tank to run in! I hate running when it is below 20 degrees..brrr

    1. yeah i dont mind the cold as long as its not so windy!!

  2. You are absolutely adorable. I can't believe you're still crankin' out some good mileage.

    LOVE the tank. You're going to rock on your run next month.

  3. I love that tank. Where'd ya get it?

    1. its pricey but i found a $10 off coupon somewhere and i cant remember now. i usually wear a small and it says to order a small if you were a small but i got a medium and im happy i did.

  4. LOVE the tank top!!! Wow, good job on running in the cold. And I thoughts 20's are cold :)

  5. Love your new tank!!! Enjoy your race next Monday. And you and Michelle are hardcore. Yes you are!!!

  6. !!!!! Gasparilla!! It's my hometown race. Bummer I didn't start running until after I moved away from Tampa :D.

    You are a super hero. Running in cold terrifies me.

  7. that tank is awesome!! Lucky you getting to run somewhere warm! Oh and that Y locker room was about the yuckiest place I have been in awhile. It was about the size of a hallway and I had to walk past all these older women completely naked to get to a small corner where I could change. I bumped boobies and bums the whole way down! gah! but I DID get a warm shower.

    Why didn't we get a picture of us anyway? Dumb bloggers.

  8. The tank top is so cute! Brrr, that's so cold for a run. I'm not sure it's ever been that cold here.

  9. Keep this going please, great job!