Thursday, January 3, 2013

what does the future hold?

since everyone else is writing their upcoming 2013 epic year race plans and im all "yeah my marathon this year will be pushing a bowling ball out of a..." (well you get the idea...) im just slightly jealous of it all. but ill be back. oh, i will be back. i am not running a lot these days but im happy i still can run. and im trying to maintain some level of fitness so that i dont have to take months getting myself back in shape after the baby arrives. i know i wont be as fast as i was this year, but i would like to stay strong. i really love running, and this year has taught me a lot about myself and my running, and i am definitely missing that time out on the road now more than ever.

current plans for this year include:

beach 2 beacon 10k august 3rd (well, if i can get in... registration last year closed in like 6 minutes. not kidding)
maine half marathon or smuttynose half marathon october 6th
mdi marathon october 20th (just running for fun. and going to convince michelle to do it with me. go bug her about it)

races i would love to do someday (so i guess its like my race bucket list)

-goofys challenge
  ive said i have wanted to do this for many years. i remember standing amongst the crowd of 18,000 other runners before the disney half marathon in 2007, and i asked a guy what his race bib meant that said "goofys challenge" on it. i thought he was insane. i had never run a marathon at this time (disney was actually only my 4th half), and after each one of those halfs i could barely walk, let alone fathom running a marathon the next day. now im crazy enough to think i could do it. and actually enjoy it. i still think its stupid they dont give you access to the park afterwards though, and you have to be there at like 330am... and its still hot in january in florida... and its a lot of highway running... why is this on my list again?

-bermuda triangle challenge
  sarah and i are going to take a vacation together. anyone else coming for girls weekend?

-chicago marathon
  still trying to convince jeri and sam for some year... and i know ill stay with meg. right?

-rev 3 oob 70.3
  this is one of two 2014 goals. i was able to volunteer at the finish line of this race this past summer, and what a great time i had! i am looking forward to doing that again this year.

-great cranberry island 50k
  this is also a for sure 2014 goal

-operation jack marathon
  and then head to the rose bowl parade with jeri

-and, as crazy as it may sound after last years distaster/puke fest, id like to try around the lake marathon once more. thats probably a really stupid idea, but ive never been one to make the smartest of decisions. sara, youre in again too right?

its not a huge list, and im ok with that (these races are getting awfully pricey!) nyc is no longer on that list. san francisco nike womens marathon sounds fun but again, i have to think about my family and sadly about money. and boston... who doesnt love running boston. as much as i would enjoy the experience, i just dont know if its do-able. i love the races around here and will stick to doing many of those, as well as ones for charities that mean something to me vs traveling far away just to run a marathon. but of course if i happen to be on a vacation with ty in a place that just so happens to have a marathon... well that might just be ok.

what are some of your bucket list races? any that i should consider adding? :)


  1. I would like to discuss, in seriousness Goofy and Chicago. Push out that kid and then we'll chat. but seriously. AND you get a free admission to Disney World the Monday after the marathon (b/c walking around on goofy legs would be oh so fun!) Also, I love that 3 of your races include me in some way. :D Maybe I'll be rich soon and then we can plan for chicago 2014 and goofy 2015. Can we dress up for the disney races? Dibs on tinkerbell, obvs. TEAM GREEN.

  2. I'm planning on running Chicago next year! Goofy is definitely on my list, maybe even next year if I don't get into Tokyo! My big goal is to do all 6 of the Majors, but London is at the top of that list! I also really want to do San Francisco!

  3. Yes yes and yes! Currently trying to get the bowling ball visual out of my head -_-

  4. I am RIDICULOUS amounts of excited for Goofy IN JUST 8 DAYS. Magic in every mile!! And of COURSE you costume for runDisney. OF COURSE.

    Bermuda is also on my list.

    Have fun with that bowling ball. I'm glad those days are o v e r. :D

  5. You are patently crazy to want to go anywhere near around the lake again!!! I am going to go out on a limb and say that Ty and I don't want anymore puke on our shoes! :-P


  6. I have to second what Eric said. No more around the lake for me, EVER!!!!! But I'm totally down with all the other bad decisions that you can think of, ok? :-)

  7. NWM is the hardest marathon I've ever run. And I've run Boston several times! You get all the same perks doing the half. Do the half! Plus there's now one in Washington DC which is hella closer and cheaper. I've run Chicago twice. Big, BIG race. If I were choosing a flat race, I'd choose Columbus instead.

  8. Lots of good races on the schedule for 2013. I'm still working on my race calendar.

  9. This year's goal is to run 13 halfs in 2013. Overall I'm planning on running a race in each state. And for FL it will be the Goofy Challenge, love the Goofy Medal!