Sunday, January 20, 2013

23 weeks

how far along? 23 weeks
total weight gain: actually stayed the same this week, thanks to actually getting off my ass and going to the gym/actually running again
babys size/development this week: measuring around 1 foot in length and about 1lb 5oz. its lungs are preparing to take in oxygen on their own.
maternity clothes: bought a new tshirt and a larger sports bra. lovely. (of course its electric hot pink!)
sleep: i got so much sleep this week, including two afternoon 3 hour naps haha
miss anything? being able to walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded
movement? backflips and hiccups this week i think
food cravings? hot fudge sundaes mmmmmm
anything making you queasy or sick? nooooope. well, this article that michelle posted on her blog didnt sit very well haha. gross.
best moment of the week: really felt good getting back into working out every day and not feeling so damn lazy (pregnant) all the time.
name ideas: chips for a girl, duke for a boy. oh wait... we already used those... damn it. back to the drawing board.
wedding rings on or off? back on! picked them up today... well actually they are off at the moment because i used bleach to clean the bathroom and now forgot to put them back on. oops.
mood: excited for the pats game today! 
nursery: oh man this is going to be a whole blog post in itself... the past two days ive been to target 4 times to deal with this rocker/glider i wanted... what a shit show. (all in all we finally got it... in new hampshire... for $100 off what we were originally going to pay. and no sales tax!) 
miles run this week: 15! woo hoo! and thats if i dont go again this afternoon, which im still debating. shocking. * update * i ran another 3.6 miles, such a beautiful day! 18.6 total running miles for the week, 5 miles walking, 4 miles on the elliptical, 6 miles biking. 3 hot fudge sundaes, 2 BLTs. this was a good week.
quotes of the week: "the baby is a foot in length? how is that possible? and where is it?", "um whoa, youre pregnant", "im not yelling. he would know if i was yelling. i yell in ALL CAPS!" 

** baby pool **
gonna keep putting this up there to remind ya.... anyone want in on the baby pool that we started? $1 per guess (limit of 5 guesses)... winner gets half, baby gets half! you guess the sex, the delivery date (due date is may 19th), and the weight (extra info: i was born a month early and weighed 5 pounds 13 oz, ty... although extremely tall now, weighed in at 8 pounds 1 oz). leave a comment below with your guesses, ill figure out how to do the money later.


  1. I swear you look younger every week! And wholly shite you are pregnant?!? Oh I guess that explains the Hank gift..that I will mail someday when I finish deciding on what to add to it.

  2. Oh shit. Why did I read that article?!! Going to bleach my eyeballs, ASAP. Sweet babyyyyy Jesus.