Monday, March 11, 2013

30 weeks

how far along? 30 weeks
total weight gain: getting close to 30lbs. whatever. (fun fact: a girl at work just came back from maternity leave and told me she lost 26 pounds just delivering/before leaving the hospital... so im hanging onto that hope for myself!)
babys size/development this week: measures about 16 inches in length, weighs just over 3 pounds, about the size of a head of cabbage. if hank were to be born today (lets hope not, we still dont have a car seat!) he/she can breathe, see, listen, remember, and learn.
maternity clothes: im just going to resort myself to sweatpants and an oversized hoodie i have from college. ty thinks im so sexy im sure. (havent bought any new maternity clothes, but i have the day off today and tomorrow so that could very well change)
sleep: knock on wood im still sleeping through the night... however this past week ive woken up every night between 1am and 1:30am. i can fall right back asleep but i just open my eyes and look at the clock and its always during that half hour. im thinking its hanks way of saying this will be the time im born and will always wake up hungry once im here. and today i slept til 8am. so awesome.
miss anything? where should i start... 
movement? crazy movement all the time, especially now that hank is getting bigger. my new fun thing to do is lay on the couch next to ty and just watch my stomach. cant quite pick out what body parts are moving but my stomach will be all stuck out on one side and then you can literally watch it move. music still makes hank dance all around.
food cravings? nothing new, but im happy im over the whole oreo obsession.
anything making you queasy or sick? i dont know what it is but since last wednesday i have not felt well every morning. continuous nausea and exhaustion. wasnt this supposed to happen a long time ago? i want to feel good now!
best moment of the week: buy one get one blizzards that the 4th floor nurses coordinated yesterday at work.... and dr sherman bought mine. win. got my haircut for the first time since last june (hello haircut anxiety at its finest). also got the bathroom painted (before/after pics will come once its totally done). i love it! and in the process i found out something i never knew about ty...

apparently not a professional painter.

weird pregnancy thing of the week: without going into great detail, ill just say that walking/ running/ exercising is becoming quite uncomfortable due to my pelvis adjusting. i thought they were contractions at first but now that ive reached out to my good friend google, ive learned a little more about what is really going on. i guess i should probably start reading "what to expect when expecting" again. 

also, this:

seems like a good use of $30 to me

nursery: got the decal on the wall and we love it! going to hang the first initial in the middle (babies r us has white lettering that will match the crib nicely) but we will have to wait to buy it/hang it until we know if hank is a girl or a boy! (the names we have do not start with the same letter)

names: speaking of names... we asked the god parents if they would in fact be hanks godparents a few weeks ago (of course they said yes, why wouldnt they! we may or may not have had to bribe them) and then we told them the names. at first they didnt want all the pressure of being the only people knowing the name, but we had to get it off our chest! they seemed to like the names we picked out (probably scared we would take away god parent-ship rights)
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: because of not feeling well i just feel blah. i hate being a downer and feel bad that i just kinda lay around now saying "i dont feel good" while ty takes the dog out and tries to be sympathetic to my needs. i want to enjoy these last 10 weeks with me and him before our world turns upside down. im trying.
daddy is feeling: apparently has a lot of work to do today so hasnt answered my text about how he is really feeling, so..... hes so excited for the baby and loves my lazy/sickly days and waiting on me hand and foot. has thoroughly enjoyed me giving him shit about not being able to paint properly, loves to hear my complain in general, and is overall happy.
workouts this week: on paper it looks like i had a pretty good week exercise wise, but i felt like junk which really frustrated me. i was able to workout 5 days, one of which was outside in shortsleeves and capris! (finally a weekend with no snow!) 11.1 miles walked, 10 miles on the elliptical, 12 miles biked. i tried to do some running saturday and i was in too much pain and ended up just walking. 
looking forward to: warmer weather and getting a pre natal massage soon


  1. you are looking so cute! heading into the home stretch now, it will be here before you know it. I never felt good about eating anything with drew the entire last 4 months. he was pushing against my stomach or whatever and I had constant heartburn every time I ate. I hope you feel better soon. :(

  2. Those nursery decorations are ADORABLE.

  3. Love the nursery! It's coming along so cute! We all have those moody weeks, mine was a week or two ago. Hang in there! You look great!

  4. you look great... and really? i think it was about the same time that the pain of running started. i have been able to choke thru some miles each week but its not pretty. if it makes u feel better, i spoke to my doctor and its not BAD that it hurts, it just hurts. i found it that it was actually more painful for the 24 hours after the run - and not really worth it. hang in there... get some rest. u look great :)

  5. I will never again yell at my husband for his painting skills. that literally made me Laugh-out-Loud.

    you are still adorable as ever and LoVe the colors for Hank's nursery--