Monday, March 18, 2013

31 weeks

happy st patricks day!
how far along? 31 weeks 1 day
total weight gain: approx three cases of beer im thinking.... mmmmm beer
babys size/development this week: measuring over 16 inches long, approx 3.3 pounds (the weight of 4 naval oranges)
maternity clothes: bought a new pair of scrubs the other day and ty ordered me a tank top and tshirt for hopefully some warmer weather (after this weeks dumb snow storm coming tomorrow. wtf.)
sleep: still sleeping pretty good but i feel more tired during the day. also leg cramps woke me up early this am... those really suck
miss anything? i pretty much miss everything i cant do right now, as simple as comfortably walking around and not peeing every 5 minutes
movement? moving all the time. i love it.
food cravings? the other day i had a craving for fettucini alfredo... i didnt get it and i didnt die from not getting it (but i still want it... hmmmm maybe dinner tonight haha)
anything making you queasy or sick? nah
best moment of the week: we had our birthing class at the hospital on saturday... much of it was pretty obvious stuff but i liked hearing about the meds and taking the tour. 
weird pregnancy thing of the week: i almost passed out during rounds at work last week so that was exciting. 
nursery: alright im really going to (try to) clean in there this week... 
names: everyone wants to know!
wedding rings on or off? on
mood: i feel pretty run down, but some days are better than others. im not entirely ready for the baby to be here right now but i sometimes wish pregnancy was only 8 months instead of 9 (or really 10). up until this point (or a few weeks ago id say) i was all into this whole being pregnant thing. i still like it but im ready for the next stage.
daddy is feeling: he says he is excited... was very into the birthing class (other than the videos). at one point he turned to me and said "this looks so awesome, good luck". haha, so supportive!
workouts this week: on paper i had a pretty good week last week of working out, but since my doctors appointment ive been put on a semi exercise restriction due to a soft cervix and pelvic pain (limiting to 30 minutes of walking/upright exercising 3 days a week). i can still bike which is good. biking: 34 miles, walking 3.5 miles, ran 1 mile, stairmaster: 1.5 miles
looking forward to: hopefully this being the last week of snow, warmer weather, march madness (!!!!) and maine maple sunday this weekend!


  1. Looking good lady! At this point I can actually see your bump instead of having to squint and pretend :-) I guess with only about 9 weeks to go that's a good thing! I too, think that tomorrows storm is bogus. But I expect that Angie's baby will decide to arrive smack in the middle of it so maybe it will be a good thing...? Hahah...

    1. ha! you clearly cant remember what i looked like before baby ;) im huuuuuge! but i would be ok if i just stayed this way for 9 weeks (wishful thinking).

  2. looking great! not much longer now.

    Storm = suck

    this arctic chill = suck as well

    I'm so over winter already. Although, for you preggo, you might be thankful it's not 80 deg like it was last year at this time. 30* feels way better at 31 weeks than 80* does...

    1. WEATHER! yes i agree i would probably not be too comfortable with the 80 degrees but i cant wait for it :)

  3. Looking good mama! You better get crackin on that nursery, little Hank is going to be here before you know it!

  4. You look great! Sorry you almost passed out this week and you're feeling a little run down, pregnancy can really take a toll. Hopefully these last several weeks go by quickly.

  5. Looking good! I can't believe you are already at 31 weeks. Your little one is going to be here soon!

  6. And you are so adorable!!!! I love the updates!

  7. Oooh we've got our birthing class coming up in a few weeks. Hopefully it's not that bad lol. Man I had to get new scrubs weeks ago. And they are already getting too small ha.