Sunday, March 3, 2013

29 weeks

how far along? 29 weeks, 11 weeks to go (potentially 33 or less days of work...) crazy!
total weight gain: this 26 pound baby sure will make us some guiness world record publicity! 
babys size/development this week: at fridays doctors appointment/ultrasound, they said hank weighed 2 pounds 12 oz! (sadly that means the other 23 pounds is from... oops). approx size of a butternut squash... finally a piece of food i know! baby is breach right now but theres still time (and hopefully still space!) to turn.
maternity clothes: nothing new but im not wearing much of my regular clothes anymore (other than yoga pants/sweat pants). but i did wear my bikini in florida. i cant wait for summer and getting back into my regular clothes.
sleep: rolling from side to side a little more than before but have yet to be up to pee (knock on wood)
miss anything? i long for just one day without back pain.   
movement? still a lot of movement all the time. lots of braxton hicks contractions (i feel like im in BH more than not), some minor real contractions (maybe once a day if that). i love when little legs or arms get stuck in one position and i can feel them... cant wait to hold the little one!
food cravings? i want to eat ALL THE FRUIT! omg, cant get enough. hooked on fresh pineapple, red grapes and strawberries. and i just found a recipe for a pina colada smoothie. mmmmmm (side note: made it today, didnt taste much like a pina colada but was a good nutrient packed smoothie)
anything making you queasy or sick? ty opened up a bag of beef jerky around me and i thought i might vomit. thats a first since i used to love that stuff (gross but true) 
best moment of the week: sitting out in the florida sun felt great. 
weird pregnancy thing of the week: other than the tingling feet during my run (doctor says its most likely due to the increased blood volume/fluids in the body) nothing else weird going on. i have always thought that the 3D ultrasounds were pretty creepy and ty and i had decided we werent going to get one done. well at fridays US, out of no where the tech just put up a 3D image on the screen without saying anything. tears immediately started flowing... im so in love. guess it feels different when its your own (and for some reason i now kinda think it might be a girl when all along ive thought hank was a boy!)

looks so peaceful... and is that hair?

nursery: gotta get that room cleaned up here sometime soon. also got a wall decal today while out shopping, ill take a pic once we get it up on the wall!
wedding rings on or off? on
belly button ring: getting ready to take it out. sad.
mood: last week was actually a mix of good feelings and blah feelings. my back hurts every day and made me pretty uncomfortable throughout vacation. but then yesterday was one of the best days ive had in a long time... felt like i had a lot of energy, my clothes didnt feel uncomfortable (minus still itchy from the heat rash/allergic reaction), had a good day at work (and didnt eat allllll day haha).
daddy is feeling: probably stressed out since now i want to paint the bathroom... add it to the list of projects! (but hes agreed hehe)
workouts this week: lame lame lame. walked twice in florida and went for a long snowshoeing walk this am. 
looking forward to: getting back to the gym with sarah this week, hopefully trying to keep with the 1 pound a week 3rd trimester thing. also excited (weird) for 4am track workouts this summer... speaking of which, some kid was out on the track today when sarah and i drove by shoveling a lane! someone else is a bit more motivated than i am haha but once its cleared i just might have to head on over for some laps!

baby running info:
now that the 3rd trimester has started, i figured i would look back and see how i did in the first 6 months (now that im really not going to be running much til the baby comes). definitely have slowed down a lot and the 2nd trimester took a big hit in the miles, but i still think ive done well and at least havent sat on the couch eating oreos the entire 6 months haha.

1st trimester
miles run: 286.79
races: lobsterman triathlon (10k), smuttynose marathonmdi marathonturkey trot 5kthanksgiving day 4 mileroperation jack 10k

2nd trimester
miles run: 158.95
races: gasparilla 5k

i have no more races planned (yet) for the remainder of the pregnancy, and will hopefully start running again as soon as i safely can once the baby is born. MDI training (18 week plan) is supposed to start 4 weeks after my due date which i know is probably not do-able so im looking to do more of a modified 14 week(ish) plan, starting with walking during the first few weeks. we'll see how things turn out, im just really hoping to be able to come back and get strong again!


  1. You look terrific! And OMG look at your little 3D BABY **SQUEEEEEE**

  2. We never got the 3D pic--our babies were so long ago.... But I did get a cool photo of my son's chromosomes since I ended up having an amniocentesis with him. That's pretty cool. You look great and I'm excited for you to see this baby for real!

    1. oooohhh thats pretty cool! do you still have it?

  3. ahhh seeing the baby , how amazing!!
    New to your blog - congrats on your pregnancy and you look fantastic!

  4. Okay, I DO think 3D ultrasounds are creepy, but holy cow, that's the least creepy one I've ever seen!! It DOES look like hair!

  5. look at that nose!!! it's crazy how you can see some of baby's features! love it!

    1. its never felt so real until i saw that pic. crazy!

  6. Awww, I am so glad you have a 3D picture! It almost looks like the babies eyes are open (are they?)! I remember one person saying something about Sophie looking "melted" in one of ours and all I can say is that your perspective really is completely different when you are a momma! Also, you look fabulous and the weight you are worrying about will fall right off after you have the baby!

  7. Awww, what a great picture! It is amazing how real those pictures look nowadays!