Sunday, March 24, 2013

32 weeks

how far along? 32 weeks
total weight gain: 30 pounds. no weight gain this week. but i dont suggest to any pregnant woman to try on their pre-pregnancy "fat" jeans at 32 weeks "just to see" if they fit. 
babys size/development this week: "by now your baby weighs 3.75 pounds (pick up a jicama)"... a what?!? seriously. almost four pounds. growing growing growing. 
maternity clothes: ty ordered two tops from old navy which should get here this week. will be looking this week for something to wear for my baby shower (maybe i should have asked for a pajama party!). and i did find a bunch of baby clothes at the consignment store, including this for ty (well not for ty)- 

miss anything? that "i feel really awesome/this pregnancy is great" feeling. come back!
movement? yup, constantly.
food cravings? not really, but i made an amazing banana/blueberry/almond milk/kale smoothie the other day, which im not obsessed with. yum!
anything making you queasy or sick? washing the dishes friday morning made me want to gag (mostly tys salad container... balsamic vinegar dressing apparently). 
sleep: sleep? what is that? for maybe one of the first times during this pregnancy, i slept like crap thursday night. and then again friday night. oh, add saturday to that list as well (although a little more than the previous two nights). i am usually ready for bed at 8pm (or earlier!) and im asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. thursday i tossed and turned and watched the clock until midnight! friday i saw 1:30am, and was awake off and on til i got out of bed at 6am. awful. last night was a little better but i need a good nights rest here again at some point.
best moment of the week: tension relief foot soak and head/neck/shoulder massage at soakology on friday. i had gotten a gift certificate from my mom for xmas and i surely needed it. i dont know what she was doing to my shoulders but holy cow i could feel that i was tight. surely i hold all my stress and tension there. (not to mention my posture is horrible, which im sure doesnt help. add on an extra 30 pounds, not being able to run...)
weird pregnancy thing of the week: i guess its not so much weird as it is just truly miraculous but the constant movement just kinda makes me feel funny. i know its amazing what my body is doing... and i cant wait to meet him/her but when i start to think too much about whats really going on it just boggles my mind and makes me feel kinda sick to my stomach every now and then. as much as i dont want to go into labor today with this very little miracle, im ready for it to be may. ive really enjoyed being pregnant for the most part... however i do not want to do this again for a while, and i wish pregnancy only lasted 7 months haha.
nursery: i cleaned! i cleaned! (just dont look in the dresser drawers yet...)

still not 100% sold on the green curtains... i might buy yellow and see if i like them better

names: oh i just want to tell the wooooooorrrrllllddd!!!! i also want to monogram everything (which is weird cuz im really not a monogram person), but since i dont know if we have a hank or a hankerella, its all gonna have to wait. unless of course we decide at my 36 week ultrasound to just have them tell us what he/she is.... hmmmmm (yes we've talked about this, no were not doing it)
wedding rings on or off? on, but they definitely feel a little tighter when i wake up in the morning, despite feeling severely dehydrated every am
mood: my mood this week was much better than it has been (i obviously wrote that before the whole sleep deprivation thing). although my thoughts and emotions have been all over the place, ive really come to realize i do not know what the future holds for our lives, our sanity, my body, etc... whatever happens will happen. and i need to accept it all and be willing to make sacrifices. my life isnt all about me anymore.
daddy is feeling: "ty how is daddy feeling this week?" "good!" "youre so lame." "sorry."
workouts this week: got in some quality bike miles this week which made me feel good, including a 22 mile ride on day 1 of march madness. helps the time go by, thats for sure. 
looking forward to: lots of maple syrup today (maine maple sunday!), day off and doctors appointment tomorrow (always love hearing the heart beat)


  1. when is ur shower? want me to send a dress or anything like that? i think i have plenty :) (though i am not sure if any of mine will fit u!) haha and I am quite past the feeling of wanting to dress up. i LOVE your nursery!
    I wish I could say the sleep will get better but likely, it may not... you do get used to it though. Everyone says that it prepares you for the future. u are doing great and look great! :)

    1. my shower is April 6th... I just feel crappy in everything haha. maybe if I got some more sleep... :) also, go for a run or something, get that baby moving!

  2. Ooooh love the dresser!! Looks so awesome. Hope you get some sleep friend.

  3. That picture is so awesome and the baby's room is so cute! I'm so lame, I never did anything like that for my kids... Well, I had no money then either so maybe that's why. lol Please email me your mailing address in case I want to send you a little something. :)

  4. a jicama is a root vegetable popular in mexico kinda similar to daikon, white flesh, crunchy they were on sell yesterday at Vons for 50 cents, too bad babies cost way more!