Thursday, March 28, 2013

hey, its OK

hey, its OK...

... to steal this idea without asking (...christy... hi!)

... to listen to the new goo goo dolls song on repeat. so many times. "alive is all i wanna feel tonight..."

... to knowingly make the wrong decision/do things you know arent "right".

... to cry at the gym. or at work. dumb pregnancy hormones.

... to send gifts, cards, support (etc) to people youve never met.

... to drink too much coffee.

... to have way too many articles of vera bradley

(plus a lunch box that matches the checkbook cover. ridiculous)

... to have a bunch of boxes full of crap you dont even know whats in them but refuse to go thru/clean out.

... to feel totally, completely, utterly overwhelmed.

... to listen to many acapella versions of your favorite songs

... to have 5 different flavors of vodka in your liquor cabinet... and not really even like vodka all that much.

... to not yet be done reading all 7 harry potter books (still midway thru book 5)

... to ask for help.

... to group text pictures of cats on a daily basis.

... this, for a coworker/someone you know/anyone (although its probably me haha):

... to have ice cream for dinner.

... to screen your phone calls....

... and not listen to voice mails. for days.

... to put things on your to-do list that youve already done just to feel the accomplishment of crossing them off.

... to forget youre wearing your slippers when you leave the house for your doctors appointment.

... to leave clean laundry in the dryer for a couple of days.

... to eat a ham & cheese sandwich when youre pregnant without heating up the meat (much to the husbands discouragement)

... to have gone over 7 months into pregnancy without eating a pickle.

... to learn some things the hard way.

... to have regrets.

... to get over it.


  1. Yay! I don't comment usually here but........glad to know that today is one of "those" days. It is "ok"

  2. it's totally ok. I ate tuna and brie and drank Mt. Dew all while preggo and my kiddos are just fine. :) heating up ham? really?? oy.

    my laundry regularly sits in my hallway waiting patiently to be folded for a minimum of 3 days. It's like it has to go through customs first.

    ice cream for dinner rocks! Maybe I'll do that tonight. That would mean less dishes to wash.....

    1. they say tuna is ok now hehe (youre ooooold). mt dew? EW! ice cream for dinner is always a good idea.

  3. i don't think i've eaten a pickle either!! i don't really like them to begin with, and pregnancy definitely hasn't changed my mind about them!

    1. ive ever only had a pickle once (just a bite). gross. so people are waiting for the moment i am craving one. not going to happen. so gross.

  4. oh I really like this list! it really is ok.
    also, haven't had a chance to tell you yet, I like the new look and can't wait to hear if it's a girl or boy! and to find out junior's name!

  5. It's always okay. Jeez - I never ever fold laundry anymore. I have a basket system and just toss clothing into the correct person's basket when it comes out of the dryer.....and maybe 1x a week I'll put things away in drawers - never ever folded....ever again. Too much time wasted.


  6. LOVE it! :) I do most of those things so they are definitely ok! ;) Hope you have a great day!! :)

  7. Agree agree agree. I gave up on the ham and cheese around month 7. The last 5 or so cases of listeria in the US were vegetables. Nobody is telling u not to eat them.
    And it's ok to just be you!