Monday, May 13, 2013

39 weeks

how far along? 39 weeks! wow. this really did go by fast, and its almost go time! will this be the last update??
total weight gain: at the last appointment my doc said the total was 34 pounds. i go again tomorrow for my 39 week appt, so we will see if i have gained any more. also i measured my belly around my back (belly button level) this am just for fun... 39 1/2 inches! its pretty much the height from the ground to my belly button. fun stuff.
babys size/development this week: a watermelon! and it sure feels that way too, especially trying to get off the couch or turn over in bed. ill find out the babys approximate weight tomorrow... which will actually be a determination of when hank might make his/her entrance into the world. two weeks ago at my 37 week appt they measured hank at approx 6lbs 4oz, and want to make sure that he/she is growing since i had stopped gaining weight and my belly had not seemed to be getting any bigger (despite me thinking i am getting huge!) so they will do all the measurements tomorrow and see if its time to get this show on the road or not.
miss anything? after cheering friends on at the maine coast marathon yesterday, its definitely confirmed that i miss running.
food cravings? i want suuuuuuushi. and a beer. or 6. and thanks to tiffany ive craved swiss cake rolls for about 2 weeks now (but thankfully havent given in... yet)
anything making you queasy or sick? lack of sleep
stretch marks? knock on wood, none.
gender: ??? we are SO anxious to find out! im glad we waited to find out though, the surprise is going to be awesome.
names: i was hoping to share the first letters and start a guessing game, but i think ty is in a meeting and hasnt given emailed me back to give me the ok, and ive had requests to get this blog posted. so i guess you'll all have to wait for the official announcement.
sleep: apparently preparing for the upcoming arrival... friday night i started having contractions 10 min apart at about 7pm. they literally lasted all night long, and i didnt fall asleep until 6:45am. i slept for maybe an hour or two and then was up all day, with no further contractions. 7pm sat night they started again and i thought great, i wont sleep again tonight. but they only continued for about an hour or so and i slept on and off sat night. i was exhausted yesterday, but slept straight thru for 8 hours last night without waking up. i have a half day or work today and hopefully will get some good sleep tonight, although im anxious about tomorrows appointment and when i lay down to sleep my mind just wont shut down.
best moment of the week: i had a really awesome mothers day... woke up to a very quiet/sleepy house and spent an hour in the morning making brownies and hanging out with the animals before ty and my in-laws woke up. my in laws got me (us) some plants and a tree and planted all morning. ty got me a beautiful alex & ani bracelet with the babys birthstone on it (heres to hoping hank doesnt make a june appearance!). then i headed to the marathon and watched my bff completely crush her marathon pr, so proud! then we spent the afternoon at my parents house and got seafood take out. (side note: i ran (ok walked) into a girl at the marathon finish line who said to me as i passed "hi! i read your blog!" i was so caught off guard i didnt know what to say and didnt get her name... who are you?! thanks for saying hi! i love meeting people! sorry i was so weird haha)

sarah/baby ty supporting me at llbean 10k 2010
me/baby hank supporting sarah at maine coast marathon 2013

nursery: collecting dust.... hurry up hank!
wedding rings on or off? on and off... one hot day last week my fingers and ankles were a bit swollen but that goes down quickly and my rings fit again. i doubt ill wear them much this week and during delivery... whenever that may be!
belly button in or out? still in.
movement? much less than usual, but still trying to swim around in there where theres room. this also keeps me up at night... not the movement, but lack of! i get nervous when i havent felt anything for awhile so i wait and try to do things to make the baby move so i know its ok in there.
labor signs? mostly just the contractions that ended up being nothing. dumb. but im hoping all of these contractions have dilated me some more! theres quite a bit more low pressure and some lower back pain too now that hank has moved further down (although i still dont feel like ive officially "dropped").
daddy is feeling: he keeps asking when the baby is coming, and i keep replying with "tomorrow". eventually ill have to be right.
mommy is feeling: ready to just do this already. kinda nervous though. two of my friends had their babies yesterday and a text i got this am read: "i highly recommend the epidural". thanks lisa!
workouts this week: walking walking walking.
looking forward to: tomorrows doctors appointment! and of course the arrival of hank, hopefully this week. also looking forward to the arrival of more babies in the upcoming days/weeks... friends amanda and lisa had their little ones yesterday (jealous, by the way!), and heather and tiffany are both due this week as well!


  1. Not that I have a kid of my own, but when I do...I want to be surprised. My friend waited to find out and has always said looking forward to the "it's a...." was what got her through labor!

  2. Ha nursery--collecting dust...I feel the same way. Come on babies!

    And I'm cracking up about your friends comment, "I highly recommend the epidural" ha sign me up!

    I love that someone randomly shouted out that they love your blog! That's awesome!

    And good job to Ty on the Mother's Day gift--so sweet of him!

    Last thing---I'm jealous of your contractions. I don't have a clue what I'm supposed to be feeling, just that sometimes things feel "different".