Friday, May 10, 2013

getting ready

were officially in single digits to the due date... how is that even possible?! other than a few contractions here and there, i really dont feel like ill be going into labor any time soon. ive been 1cm dilated for two weeks... hoping for some more at tuesdays appointment, but we'll see. isnt that what these braxton hicks contractions are supposed to be doing? luckily the weather has been really nice here, so ive been doing a lot of walking (note: i said walking not waddling... other than the occasional jab and ping "down there", im actually pretty comfortable. i almost want to try to run just to see haha).

so with little time left and no idea when this is actually all going to happen, we've been trying to get things ready. and by "we've" you all know what i mean (love ya ty!). no but really, hes been great... its just that i have more time on my days off to clean ALL THE THINGS. and i love doing it. nesting at its finest. nursery is clean and all set up to go. the spare bedroom for guests is clean (minus the closet, ive given up on that. resorting to never opening the doors again. also dont look under the bed...). our bedroom... is off limits to all. at least the bed is made and clothes are folded (laundry seems to be endless). downstairs is clean and presentable, dog hair is an issue every day that we try to keep on top of. windows have been windexed, the lawn is mowed. alright baby, lets get this show on the road!

whats in my hospital bag?

-toiletries/make up bag (sure, i dont usually wear make up on any regular day but i figure after giving birth ill look like hell and people will probably come to visit and want to take pics. ill need to do something... and by "make up" i mean face lotion, eye shadow, and mascara. ha.)
-sweatpants. duh.
-yoga pants (was going to pack my white sweatpants but thought better of that thinking about whats going to be happening... brough my black yoga pants instead)
-hooded zip up sweatshirt
-compression socks
-tshirt/baggy tank top
-nursing bra, lanolin, nursing pads (ive decided against bringing the nursing pillow)
-baby book (for hand/foot prints)
-phone charger
-my own pillow
-shape magazine
-flip flops/maybe my slippers (not sure yet)

ive taken the "less is more" approach i think, and can always send someone to get things if i forgot something or need anything... were only 5 miles from the hospital.

whats in hanks hospital bag?
everything! haha... i didnt know what i want him/her to wear so i packed about 20 little onesies/outfits. about 5 hats. socks. we also brought a few of our diapers, a swaddle blanket and a fleece baby blanket. and of course we have the car seat in the car.

whats in ty's hospital bag?

no idea. hes a big boy, im sure its fine (who are we kidding, ill check later im sure). i know his ipad and phone charger will be in there. we also packed a snack bag with some goldfish, mints, beef jerky, gum, and trail mix. he'll be fine.

and a few random things you might not know:

-were going to use cloth diapers. we've gotten gdiapers and bum genius products to start, and will go from there. yes, this will be a huge commitment. were ok with that (for now... i think...). we still have regular diapers for back up/nighttime/travel.

-my insurance paid for a medela double breast pump system. i have no idea what im doing/how to use it, but will figure that out. im not one of those "omgimSOexcitedtobreastfeed" women... but i know it is best for baby, will be helpful for me post baby, and im hoping it all works out.

-we got tommee tippee bottles for the transition. there are so many choices out there and ive heard good things about a bunch, we'll see how these work and go from there.

-once the time comes, we will be using the baby bullet system and making our own baby food (for the most part).

-and this gem arrived the other day... i cant wait to use it!!


  1. Compression socks???

    I obviously can't say anything about the Baby Bullet but I have the magic bullet and love it! So excited for you guys and to see little Hank!

  2. good call on the compression socks...i'll have to remember that as i'm sure i'll be swollen with all the extra fluids you get!

  3. haha before I read the other two comments, I was like COMPRESSION SOCKS! i LOVE it!! hahaha.

  4. Sounds like we packed pretty similar. We're planning on making our own baby food too. I'm still debating on getting the baby bullet or just using our food processer. I can't wait to meet "Hank"!

  5. WOW sounds like you are ready! you are the most prepared mom to be I've ever known, great job. Hank hurry up!

  6. So excited for your big day! The girls have decided they want to wait to find out what it is before gift shopping so Hank's treat will come after he/she gets home. :) I had kids so long ago I really don't have any advice on all the things you chose to use. It's all so different now. I do know breastfeeding worked really well for me, and I broke every rule in the book regarding other things--co-sleeping, belly sleeping, food at 3 months, blah blah blah and all my kids are fine. :) So really, whatever you choose to do will be just right for Hank. :)

    I hope you realize we are all wanting up to the minute tweets during the birth.... ;)

  7. So exciting!!!! Compression socks are genius!

  8. Soo excited!!! Next post will be the baby announcement, can't wait!!!

  9. So excited for you! Cannot wait!