Thursday, May 16, 2013

hank update

just a quick update from tuesdays ultrasound-

hank looks to have gained a little bit of weight over the last two weeks, which is reassuring. when they measured at the high risk ultrasound during week 37, the weight was estimated at 6lbs 5oz... this week it was estimated at 6lbs 9oz. i didnt think this was a lot of weight gain for two weeks so i was sure they were going to induce me, but of course i was wrong. still pregnant over here. we met with my doctor after the ultrasound and she said im still 1cm, thick and high. clearly hank is comfy in there. i gained about a pound but my stomach is measuring 35 weeks. doctor doesnt seem concerned but she said that after next mondays ultrasound she will determine what should be done and figure out an induction date if i havent gone into natural labor by then (fingers crossed!). she doesnt want me to go past 41 weeks (which is may 26th), so im assuming my induction date will be before next weekend. eeeeeeeeeek!

im not uncomfortable (for the most part... although getting off the couch/out of bed is quite a chore) but were just really anxious and excited to meet this little one and get the next journey underway! my last day of work is saturday (everyone is surprised when i keep showing up... yes im still here, yes its annoying, yes i wish i was at home). we'll see if anything happens in the next two days...


  1. I remember when I showed up at work 41wk 3d pregnant...the first person that stated the obvious "OMG you still haven't had that baby!!" was met with hysterical tears from a very pregnant woman who was very over it!
    Clearly my best moment!

    Hang in there, almost done!

  2. Those final days are tough and I agree with Breton, every one who made a comment about me still being at work and not having the baby yet were seriously in risk of seeing me break down in tears.

    Going through the weekends were the toughest. But then one Saturday a friend said meet me at Old Navy for baby shopping. She kept dropping clothes making me pick them up. It was an old trick from her family. Make the mommy to be pick things up if she is past the date...and bingo. The mommy to be has a baby. I went into labor that night..... 9 days passed my due date. Just saying....

    And don't worry, that little one will come out exactly when the timing is perfect!

  3. Glad you're not uncomfortable :) And that hank gained a little weight! That's great! Maybe our babes will be born on the same day. How fun would that be? I've gotten to the point where I've started ignoring people when they've made comments like, "It must be so frustrating to still be pregnant..." cough cough SIL you will not be getting a text back.

  4. So.....Tucker was 8 days late. I was induced on the 8th day. It didn't work. So he was forced out via c-section! Those darn babies just get so comfy in there. :) Cannot wait to hear that Hank has arrived!!!