Saturday, July 6, 2013

back cove 5k series

last wednesday was race #6 in the back cove 5k series. it had been super hot and humid all day... i was really hoping it would rain to cool things off, but the sun stayed out all day and into the afternoon. kristal and i headed out just after 5 (its fun to car pool!) and we were pleasantly surprised when we got to the boulevard and there was a nice breeze. thank you mother nature! (that breeze seemed to die off right around race time, but all in all the race wasnt so bad heat wise). i needed to run 4 miles for training so she and i ran from her car to the port-a-potty then around a small loop, getting in 3/4ths of a mile before heading to the start (we had planned to do half a mile before the race and half a mile after, but this worked out well... i knew i wasnt going to want to run a lot after the race was over). 

we met up with a girl kristen who we had met the week before and chatted with her a little bit before the race started. i felt pretty good starting out and really tried not to look at my watch for pace, just ran again on feeling. i ended up walking a little just before mile 2 (maybe 10-20 seconds), and that helped power me for the last mile. i was kinda annoyed at myself when i crossed the finish line 6 seconds slower than my time in the race from last week, but oh well. im not looking to "pr" all these races, just glad im out there. when i crossed the finish line my watch showed 3.88 miles, so we only had a very small ways to go to get to 4 miles. kristal and i took off and when my watch read 4 miles we stopped and walked to the car. 

the end.

113th out of 166 runners
official time: 27:17

photo courtesy of maine running photos

yup, im the cool kid who brought my water bottle to a 5k. whatever.
(kristal brought hers too so there!)


  1. As long as you don't wear a camelbak to a 5k we can still be friends. I miss you! As soon as GCI is over I'm coming to one of these Wednesday races to see you, yay!

    1. yay! yes please, or come over and hang out with Henry man! what about camelbaks at a 10k, i saw a few of those on thursday. hmmmm

  2. Good job in such hot weather! I can't carry a water bottle no matter how hot it is.

  3. You are such a rock star. Henry must be so proud of his momma.

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