Monday, July 8, 2013

meet tiffany- newborn necessities

during my pregnancy i started following a lot of new bloggers who were due around the same time as i was. i really enjoyed following along with their pregnancies as i went through mine. i thought it would be fun to ask a few of them to write guest blogs for me so you all dont get bored reading about henry (i know that wont really happen but i figured i would change things up a bit)... first up is tiffany to write about her favorite newborn items!

Hello ooh breathe, just breathe readers! I'm Tiffany from The Austin Family Diary. I am a new momma just like Danielle is--we actually had our little guys on the same day!

Because we're both still in new momma mode, Danielle and I decided to write guest posts for each other. You can find her post on running while pregnant over on my blog. Danielle thought it might be fun for me to talk about my favorite newborn items. Now that my little guy Elliott is here, I've definitely formed my own opinion on what items work for us.

prince charming swaddle
aden + anais are really all they are talked up to be. They are great swaddle blankets and such a light weight material--perfect for the summer.

We've also been big fans of the SwaddleMe blankets because of the Velcro---there's no Houdini-ing out of these bad boys.
SwaddleMe®, 3 Pk Cotton (small/medium) Natural Bee


mamaRoo Classic Black

We love our mamaRoo! We picked this swing because not only does it mimic our swing motion, but it's so much smaller than your typical swing with the wide arms. We have a small living room area so the space issue was a big concern for me.


Our Rock and Play Sleeper has been awesome for Elliott to sleep in, especially early on when Elliott was sleeping in our room. Now we use it for him to nap in if we're just hanging out in the living room. Plus it was really convenient to bring on trips. He sleeps great in it.


I was super skeptical about whether or not I would need this, but I'm so happy we got a Moby wrap. It's so nice to wrap Elliott up when I can't put him down. He usually always ends up falling asleep in it and I am able to get a few things done.



These jams are the best! My hubs wasn't (and still isn't) thrilled about these jams, but man are they amazing during those late night/early morning feedings. You just slide it right up and change that diaper and you're done. So much easier than trying to snap all those darn snaps!

Diaper Pail:

Dekor Plus Diaper Pail

I honestly put a lot of thought and research into our diaper pail since we have a two bedroom townhome. My hubs was super concerned that if we didn't have a good diaper pail, that our house would constantly smell like dirty diapers. The Diaper Dekor has been a great pail and it holds the smell in great. Plus--they now have a cloth liner for the pail for you cloth diaperers :)

Those are my newborn favs so far. Thanks so much for letting me take over your blog Danielle!


  1. I will have to get a MamaRoo when I have a little one! Such an awesome product!!

    1. i have heard such great things about them, i wish i had gotten one now! maybe for next baby.

  2. i love all these products too, minus the mama roo that we didnt get... and i think im sold on the diaper pail (we dont have it yet but it sounds great!)

  3. Great post and blog, just added to my blog reading list :)

  4. Yah gonna need to look into these items for sure. New mom needs lots of recommendations for sure!