Saturday, July 20, 2013

henry: two months!

this past week we had a doctors appointment with the urological surgeon and he weighed in at 10lbs 8oz and 22 3/4ths inches long! oink oink.

did someone just call me fat?!

everything is looking good. at the appointment we had with the cardiologist a few weeks ago he said the ventricular septal defect they found before henry was born/confirmed after he was born had almost entirely closed on its own. we go back at 1 year of age to just do a check up. we are SO happy with that. as for the kidney reflux issue, we still are giving him an antibiotic every day and will get another ultrasound in october. the potential for surgery after a year of age is still there. (and we are very thankful for the choice of antibiotics the doctor has put him on... along with hannaford healthy savers program... 2 months of amoxicillin and now 3 months of bactrim... FREE. boom.)

clearly not a fan of his ekg

i had to pack away the newborn outfits last week after i tried two things on him that he definitely didnt fit into (but of course i still made him wear them since i just couldnt bear not seeing him in them one last time!) he fits much better into 3 month clothes due to his length, and many of the 0-3 months onesies are getting tight (the 3-6 month ones are big, but hes worn a few). im trying to make sure we get him into all the outfits that he has at least once before he outgrows them all!

hes still sleeping a lot during the day but is more alert when he is awake (naps are usually once in the am, midday, and afternoon for about an hour and a half). we've also officially gotten a nighttime routine down, and are so thankful for it (and thank you to meredith for her suggestions with this routine!). between 8 and 9pm we take henry up to his room, close the darkening curtains and turn a night light on. we change out of his "day clothes" and into his "pajamas" (usually just a different onesie haha, although recently with this heat he has just been sleeping in his diaper). we use a nighttime lotion and massage his feet, legs, and belly, while singing a few songs. he may or may not eat at this time (depending on when he last ate). henry then goes in his crib (awake) and the sleep sheep sound machine goes on (the whale sound seems to work best). he tosses and turns a bit, babbles and sometimes cries a little but will fall asleep on his own within about 15-20 minutes. if he starts to really scream and cry (rare), we will pick him up. usually its just because he is wet or decided he is hungry. there are many nights i curse myself for not going to bed at 8 when we put him to sleep, but its nice to have an hour or two with ty sans baby. we are so thankful we got this routine started so early, and were hoping it keeps working! (also, in the am when henry wakes up, we open the curtains to let in the light, and change him into "day clothes" again so that we can differentiate the night from the day. next up we have to start napping in the crib...)

henry is still only crying if hes hungry, wet, or gassy. hes a very happy baby overall.

while sleeping on his tummy (for naptimes only!) henry has been moving his head side to side. while playing on the play mat with the piano hes almost rolled over, making it up onto his side but not yet completely making the official turn. it will be soon though for sure! hes discovered he has a tongue and loves sticking it out at us. he also tends to imitate someone when were making silly faces at him. his eyes light up and he just smiles and laughs!

baby gear love
THIS! the fisher price discover 'n grow kick and play piano gym. seriously, i dont know what i would do without this item. its amazing and keeps him occupied for a long time. i also think its so fun for him to kick (his legs always want to kick!) and play music (which is inevitably stuck in my head all day). the colors are so bright, and he LOVES looking at himself in the mirror and just smile and smile. the sheep sleep sound machine seems to really sooth him when hes falling asleep. the boppy has been really helpful, we sit him in it with us on the couch, and he falls asleep often in it (i dont use it when feeding anymore, im much more comfortable just holding him). another thing i absolutely could not live without (and i have heard that from a few people as well) is the grass drying rack. although it looks small, it really holds a lot (i place the bottles all along the edge hanging off) and it really doesnt take up much room on the counter. the flower is great for the bottle nipples and for the breast pump membranes.

more trips to target (obviously), first trip to the lake, a little dip in the pool, and to grandma and grandpa sterlings for the 4th of july!

it took a little while to get into it and learn the ins and outs, but we are loving the cloth diapers. henry pees a LOT, and he is apparently so uncomfortable right after he pees that he wants out of the wet diaper... so needless to say we are changing him a lot. im getting more comfortable with the g diapers (i was kinda annoyed at first how to change out the liner) but we've developed a bit of a line change type deal which makes it easier and quicker (although henry loves getting changed so you could take all day if you needed to). im a fan of the AIO(all in one) diapers like the bum genius we have, and wish we had more. im also looking at some shops on etsy for more AIO's and a brand called "thirsties" that arent that expensive. (also, we've only had two blowouts so far knock on wood and both were in a regular diaper. and grandma had him haha, win.)

when this kid is hungry, good lord he is hungry! and holy crap henry is a little piggy! he is eating up to 4oz in one sitting, maybe more, and he is feeding within every three hours. im not always filling him up with just breastfeeding so we have added formula which he loves (and using some of what i have pumped as well). he seems to get kinda gassy still in the evening but its not too bad.

henry loves playing the piano on the play mat, falling asleep on mommy and daddys chest, getting his diaper changed, bouncing in his bouncer seat, hanging out with grandma(s) and grandpa(s), staring at the ceiling (i swear theres a ghost in our house), choo choo train legs (daddys game with him), and like i mentioned above, eating. man this kid loooooves eating (he takes after his mommy haha). he also loves Maurice the moo cow-

he HATES being wet. other than that, hes really very happy.

happy 2 months little man!


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  2. I meant to say he is one adorable and lucky little boy!

  3. You are one lucky Momma! He's so adorable!!

  4. A happy baby = a happy mommy! I always said when my kids slept through the night I could forgive them anything. When my kids were little back in the dinosaur age you were supposed to put them to sleep on their bellies!
    Henry is very cute. Those top pictures are adorable.

  5. What a cutie! I love his different faces, he seems like such a character!

  6. He is cute and that is one flat former baby belly you have now! You look great!!!

  7. I'm glad the suggestions are helping.

  8. Awwww! I love little Henry's updates! His face in that EKG photo is priceless! I absolutely LOVE that "worth the wait" turtle onesie!! So adorable! He looks like such a happy baby, just enjoying life (and his tongue). :)

  9. He is so cute! Glad he is such a happy baby!

  10. Cute cute cute!! My goodness, he's a doll. Love his expressions!

  11. Isaac loves the "piano," too! And I love my grass drying rack! Isaac doesn't lying in the Boppy that much. I'm not sure if he likes it or not, but I like that he can fall asleep in his swing and stay that way for a bit while I do some chores around the house. He likes his bouncy seat. And you look amazing! I have some stretch marks that are taking their dear sweet time in fading but you don't seem to have any! So much for that cocoa butter I drenched myself in for nine months. Haha. How can I follow you on FB?