Sunday, July 14, 2013

back cove 5k series

last weeks back cove 5k series race was by far the best one for me yet... funny that i told kristal right before we started that i would walk over and meet her at the finish line (aka- not run) or that i was just going to walk the whole thing and she would have to wait for me since i was her ride home haha. funny thing about running though... once i got started i felt awesome! like the best i had felt in a very long time, probably since i started running again. my breathing felt good. my stride and form felt right. when i got to mile 1 at 8:05 pace i felt like i could still keep that pace up for the next two miles and decided to push it a little more. i didnt walk up the mile 2 hill like the week before. mile 2 read 7:57. i pushed it even more on the down hill and to the end, finishing in 25:03. just at 8 min mile pace, with my last mile being 7:50. needless to say i was extremely pleased to have taken my 5k time down another 2 minutes from the previous time of just over 27 minutes, and over the last 4 races i have averaged 8:49 pace (12.1 miles, total time 1:49:26).

i cant run this race next week as were going on a booze cruise (tylers boss's band is playing, ill take beer over running any day!) but i am looking forward to seeing how much more time i can potentially cut off over the remaining few weeks of the series. i know it will be a long time (if ever again!) to get back to 22:xx, but anythings possible i guess.

photo courtesy of maine running photos

(when i originally posted this, maine running photos didnt have any pics up on facebook from the race, so i put up pictures of henry instead!)

hey coach K, weve got your starting center for 2031!
(although coach K will be like 100, so mommys hoping shane battier replaces him!)

someone discovered they have a tongue this week

bath time for this crusty little froggy!


  1. You are a ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing job. I'm going to miss you this week :(
    Have fun on the booze cruise. Let me know if you want to run another time this week.

  2. Congrats on a great race! You're right, running is funny sometimes in that you can have a great workout when you least expect it.

    Loooove the photos of Henry, especially the bathtime one! I showed them to my husband and we were both oohing and ahhing at how adorable he is. :)

  3. Cute baby!!! Thanks for commenting on my blog and cheering at that hot hot race. You will read about the Back Cove in my race report! Wow! It went on forever. Good job on the 5K.