Monday, April 9, 2012

dear monday

dear monday,
for the first monday in quite a few weeks i actually didnt have to work. too bad its not a rest day, 10 miles coming right up (i think everyone should have mondays off. 3 day weekends for all!)

dear great bay half marathon,
i must say you surprised me this year. for some reason the hills werent that bad... the wind stayed calm, and i think i finally figured out some sort of ok way to dress/fuel so as not to crash and burn. id say my miles were pretty good, plus/minus a few miles:

dear compression calf sleeves,
you are my best friend today. and most other days as well. i really wish i had a full body suit. that would be totally hot right?

dear myrtle beach,
i am currently a fan of the 10 day forecast, sunny and 70s. please keep it that way. see ya friday!!

dear marathon training,
today is the start of week 3. so far, so good. i was a mile short for week 1 (32miles), and a mile over for week 2 (37 miles). id say that is a much better start than the last time i tried this plan (week 1: should run 33, ran 16, week 2: should run 36, ran 10).

dear foam roller,
my love/hate relationship with you is one like no other. its awesome in a really painful way.

dear massive amounts of laundry,
we are only two people... how in the world is this much laundry even possible?

dear two day work week (this week AND next week... yes you can be jealous),
yay! :)

dear black/purple toenail,
thanks for making yet another appearance, and so early in the training program! i guess the sooner youre gone the better.

dear sleepless nights,
you can take a hike asap, thanks.

dear life,
i thank you for the great friends i have... i would not know what to do without each and every one of them. you are all here for a reason, and for that i am greatful.


  1. looking at your past did you get so fast? speed work? i am working on pace now...but man, you rock!

    1. thanks christy... i have been doing a lot of speed work actually which im sure has helped :)

  2. Dear Monday, how did you get here so quickly AGAIN??
    Jealous of your two day work week but not of your nasty toenail....
    My sleepless nights can take a hike too- I'm ready to resort to a shot of bourbon and a righteous benedryl to break the cycle. (there are worse things...)
    I also have a deep dislike for laundry. And foam rollers. Foam rollers are jerks with bad intentions...
    Good luck with your 10 miler later!