Monday, April 23, 2012


it might be monday, but i dont have a lot of little letters for this week, so i figured i would just write a random post about "stuff".

what about items or things that matter? we'll go with that....

-in 12 days ill be competing in my first triathlon (oh you didnt know? i only talk about it all the time). im slightly nervous (read: holy shit what did i get myself into?!). i havent run or been in the pool in over 2 weeks (minus on vacation... where i pretended to practice my swimming... without goggles... after 2 pina coladas and a few bud lights... does this triathlon have a pool bar??). ive taken my mountain bike out on the road ONCE. i have no clue what im doing with the gears... i kept it in the 2nd gear and a mix between 5-8 on that? does that make sense to anyone? i think i should just go buy a road bike. today.

-i bought new running sneakers. brooks ravenna 3. ive been switching between the ravenna 2's and saucony kinvaras for the past two months... and i think ive finally realized (after two purple toes and numerous texts with andrea) that my kinvaras are too small. eventually i want to run at least a half marathon in kinvaras, but for now i think i will use the ravenna 3's for around the lake marathon. kinvara 3's come out may 1st though....

-im thinking about chainging up my swimming attire plan (yup, 12 days out and im wanting a new bike and attire... smart life choices folks).

-i guess i think im made of money this week or something.

-if it wasnt for a mr.bagel date for lunch, i might have never gotten out of my sweatpants today.

- yesterday i had a really (almost) life changing run. i woke up at 4:50 to warm up and meet sarah for a few miles, got all my running clothes on and got everything together... opened the front door and it was pouring. and freezing. both of us decided to bail, but i knew i would still have to get this run in later on in the day. i went back to bed and just watched the clock (i havent slept well in weeks. yay). i eventually got out of bed, had some coffee and oatmeal, and started thinking logistics for my run.
as i got ready to walk out the door, i turned my garmin on.... nothing. and i had charged it all day on saturday knowing the battery was low. so i googled "garmin wont turn on" (what would we do without google?!) and it taught me how to do a soft reset. this worked, and it turned on.... and had no battery charge.
i wanted to bail. i felt like nothing was going right and figured my run would suffer. i played a lot of mental games, but eventually said screw it and walked out the door, without it.
if i can sum up my run, it would be "amazing". i didnt know where i was going to run. i had no watch to tell me how fast or slow i was going. i simply felt free. the weather was perfect (cool, light drizzle). my head, my mind, my heart... everything was in it on this run. it truly reminded me of why i love doing this.
ive been pretty demanding and hard on myself over the past few months in my everyday life, work, friendships, family life, and especially running. i need to remind myself to just let go sometimes... be a little more carefree.

-of course then this brings me back to the idea that i desparately want to go sub-freaking-four at around the lake. yesterdays run averaged 9:25ish min/miles (i knew the time from when i walked out the door to when i arrived back home, and mapped out where i went to get the miles) and that was without a watch to worry about pace. im faster than i have ever been, and i think my endurace is building. around the lake is a 3.2 mile loop, and im sure there will be a clock every time i come around (maybe?)... we'll see...

-the "desparately want to go sub-freaking-four" might be selfish. im running a marathon. not everyone can say they have done that. finishing should be enough. but i sure as hell am going to give it my all and leave everything i have out on that course. ill come up with real goals as we get closer (sub 4, pr - sub 4:15:25, finish...)...

- if anyone wants a kitten, feel free to come on over and pick her up. shes great, really. (freaking spaz show lately... on the counter, off the counter, up the stairs, down the stairs, climbing the chair sideways.....)

- last night i really wanted dairy queen. and figured if i got a blizzard with peanut butter cups it could count as post long run protein. right? too bad they dont deliver. to my couch. i ate thin mints instead.

- this whole sober thing would be a lot more fun with alcohol.

-although my morning routine is oatmeal w/granola, coffee, and the today show... i do sometimes watch sportscenter with the hubs. i am especially greatful i saw this mornings highlights of "metta world peace" and the whole elbow situation. first of all, wtf... princess consuela banana hammock is still the original name change in my mind. second of all, i had no idea this was ron artest. thats how much i dont care. third, why do they allow this idiot to keep playing basketball? this is why i hate the nba. minus shane battier <3 true love forever.

-speaking of granola, jennifer mentioned putting granola in her pancake batter yesterday. omg, i must try this.

-ive spent way less time on pinterest lately, but i have found a few outfits i really think i need, and a dress i really want to get for a summer wedding i have coming up. i also saw this, which about sums it all up for me:

have a great week everyone!


  1. Glad that my training plan does NOT involve sobriety. That would not be awesome.
    Really counting down to the Tri at this point- scary (well. for me. you're badass.) Hope the weather gets a little better...!
    Oh, and clearly DQ would have counted as quality post run fuel (totally legit.)

  2. my bff Dawn (you met her) is selling her awesome tri bike, a P3 with a trainer, It would be PERFECT for you. Hit me up :)

    You will be just fine at your tri. just bring a cup of pina colada mix with your in your water bottle

  3. I will take the kitten provided she also comes with weekly quilts :)

    1. Yeah that was me wasting time at work! Did you ever finish the original one though?

    2. haha i couldnt have guessed that quilt comment was you :p um... yeah... havent quite finished it yet

    3. figured as much :) i will give you oreos if you ever finish it...