Saturday, April 21, 2012

big pimpin...

so i had to wait for sara to post this herself (obvs)... and since she did so today, i stole the fancy schmancy iphone pic from her (dear android... i want this option too please, kthanks youll be doing that tomorrow right?)

this conversation started when i had just sat down on the couch after getting home from work. ty was watching the celtics and i was momentarily speechless. he must have thought i had just recieved a text that i had won the lottery since i squeeled and jumped up and down (ok maybe only a slight exaggeration... but not by much).

when i told him he said "whos sara again? i cant keep all your people straight" (like im sooooo popular or something). (maybe true)
"ya know, sara. she came to great bay?" 
"oh so you've met her?"
"uh yeah, were IRL friends now. she borrowed all my clothes. its a big deal."


then this conversation continued with the middle aged runner herself:
  (*note- my drawing skillz are less than stellar. friend me on draw something? cuz i need more ways to pass the time.....)

(pps- i miss picnik sooooooooooooooooo bad. sarah and i are working on a replacement... coming to you in the not so near future)

 july 27th, 7pm. wakefield, mass. a few crazy kids running insane numbers of time around a 3.2 mile loop in the dark. i have a tent. we have a few awesome support crew members. feel free to join us!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Big pimpin indeed! This is epic and your artwork is seriously stunning. We need to recruit people to cher us on, pass us snacks be our lackeys- then massage our aching feet at the end (wow- poor whoever this is!) I hope that you have a 12 person tent, gonna need it...
    I am very excited which proves (once again) that my grip on normal reality- and things that are "fun"- is tenuous, at best :-)

  2. we will need a 12 person tent for all of your stuff that youre NOT going to forget to bring this time!! but im going to bring my oversized sweatpants, dont worry (just incase). our own personal feet massages.... great plan. cant wait! 96 freaking days!

    1. Not only am I planning to bring EVERYTHING that I own (clothing for ALL weather having top billing here) but I also plan to be ON TIME. this would be a miracle but i'm gonna make it happen for realzzz.