Wednesday, April 4, 2012

mid week rambles & a mission to #200

-in 114 days ill be running my 6th marathon. todays random post is blog entry #175.... so i have 25 more posts to go until i reach #200. id like for my 200th post to be on july 28th. but what should i write about until then? theres 15 mondays left for "dear monday" and 17 fridays for "fun fact friday" so that in itself would take care of it, but we all know im very inconsistent with those... but with a few of those, plus throw my triathlon in there and reach the beach and i should be all set! (of course im sure ill find some other random crap to blog about, i usually do).

-yesterdays 10 mile run was a total flop. woke up late, forgot everything at home, legs felt like lead... left the gym after 4 miles, cried all the way home (whatever, im a girl. it happens), had a shitty day at work. (did another 4 miles when i got home and ran 2 today to make up for it. i feel better now). marathon training is emotional.... "isnt the first time, definitely wont be the last"

-my best friend in the whole wide world got engaged over the weekend!!! yaaaaaaaaaay!! so happy and excited for her :)

-i won $80 on the ncaa tournament, woo hoo!

-great bay half marathon is saturday... the weather over the past two weeks has been forecasted from high 40s and raining, to low 50s and cloudy, to now 60 and sunny. great. hilly and hot. and i really wanted to wear my zebra arm sleeves :(

-9 days til we leave for myrtle beach! i need this vacation in the worst way.

-31 days til my first triathlon!! training is going well, although ive been seriously slacking in the pool. (as in i didnt go in march. not once). my goal for this month was to get back at it.... which i did today! and i didnt drown! the whole mountain bike thing was probably not a great idea, i felt so slow and sluggish. and hello jello legs getting off the bike! i swam 1050yds, biked 8 miles, and ran 2 miles. quite the wake up call.

-44 days til reach the beach!!! it doesnt even seem like i can be this close but im excited for soon finding out the legs ill be running and when our team will start. ive done a few double runs and last night sarah and i had a headlamp/reflective vest run which got me really pumped up!

-thank God for compression pants & calf sleeves

happy wednesday! (i slept for 10 hours last night... i think thats where this good mood is coming from haha)


  1. You totally rock!!! You're doing so wonderful with your training. EVERYONE has those days....the guys may not cry, but they want to.

    Keep up the good work Danielle!

  2. Yea to RTB and you not drowning before I meet you :) Blog ideas...well the whole adventures in babysitting minus beer?

  3. Sometimes I cry a little after a shit run too. Sometimes I cry a LOT after a good run. Haha, wtf....?
    You must be doing the MA RTB? (I'm jealous. that's on my LIST of things to do...)
    You have so much going on in your training schedule- awesome job and I'm pretty much exhausted just thinking about it.
    looks like GBH will be interesting yet AGAIN. Why do we keep going back for more bi-polar weather and insanity hills? WHY? (have fun though- I plan to... ugh...)

  4. Not drowning is a solid positive :)

  5. ooh we JUST got back from first trip ever to Myrtle Beach, loooooooooooved it!!! (hubby is a pro golfer so he was in his own little slice of heaven lol)

    I've cried after runs, it happens. totally normal. actually I usually cry after races. :/