Sunday, April 1, 2012

march recap


run: 110 miles (up 41 from last month, up 36 from mar 2011)
bike: 112 wooooo hooooo!
swimming: ummmm.... uh.... i tried (once):

races: no races this month
favorite run: 15 miles with sarah. thats what friends are for.
# of times i fell over in pain cuz of a massive calf seizure: 0 (down from 1 last month. that sucked)
favorite phone call: last night from my best friend OMG!!!!
best pinterest pin:
80 degrees/beach two days in a row, 30 degrees/snowing 4 days later.
hooray maine.
goals from march:
- 100 bike miles- win. 112.
- run the tough 12 miler again that i did a few weeks ago (it wasnt that bad...)- win.
- 800s on the track. like outside. headlamps optional- 4:30am track workout happened but it wasnt exactly 800s... or much of anything other than running laps and a lot of complaining. without headlamps. fail.
- go to reds now that its open- win. i love ice cream.
- make monkey bread (and try not to eat it all)- win and win. ty ate it all ;)
- figure out proper fuel & hydration so as not to crash in april at great bay- um... kinda. i think ill be alright (now that i decided im probably not going to race it)
- less. coffee.- hahaha. huge fail.

april goals:
go back to the pool
ride the bike outside (hopefully getting road tires tomorrow...)
attempt to love the heart rate monitor... right now were fighting.
  (i think ill just keep it simple since im going on vacation this month)

pfitz 18/55 marathon training week 1 recap:

 day 1: lactate threshold 8 miles with 4 miles @ half marathon race pace (8:13). biked 10 miles.
 day 2: rest
 day 3: general aerobic 6 miles (was supposed to do 9. did.not.happen.) biked 6 miles.
 day 4: rest
 day 5: 4 mile recovery run. biked 10 miles.
 day 6: medium-long run 14 miles
 day 7: biked 12 miles.

total running: 32 miles
i was really happy with the way this week went, even though it was the first week. my quads feel trashed but in a good way. the recovery run was tough... but i know this training program works and im eager to get stronger and faster and really see where it will take me. im currently major bff's with my zensah compression sleeves.

1 week down, 17 to go!


  1. Great job on logging the miles running and biking this past month!

    1. thanks! the biking is going to markedly decrease now that marathon training is going to kick up, but i wanted to see if i could do 100 :)

  2. What???? Not doing Great Bay??? Does that mean you'll come up to Brunswick next Saturday or are you just not doing a half for April. What gives? Awesome mileage.

    1. no no silly, just gonna enjoy the run instead of racing it :) good luck at race the runways!!

  3. You're doing so awesome Danielle. I'm completely jealous of your fitness level. Oh someday I'll be there...

    1. thanks crystal! whens your goal race? :)

  4. You're kicking ass! Nice job with the March Mileage :-)
    Good Luck at Great Bay- here's to hoping that the roads have flattened out and that the potholes in the stretch of dirt road have been filled in...!