Friday, December 20, 2013

henry: seven months!

probably almost getting to 20 pounds now, and 28 inches long. hes a nice, long, chunky little growing boy!

poor little guy had his first cold a few weeks ago. just before thanksgiving i came home from work and ty told me he had been sniffling all day while my mother in law was here with him. he had a runny nose and was pretty uncomfortable (im assuming he picked something up from the airplane?). he didnt really seem to have a fever but we gave him some tylenol before bed but his breathing was funky and he hated being all stuffed up and he didnt care to sleep laying down. i ended up rocking him for an hour or so and he fell asleep, but would wake up when i would try to put him down. of course then i got sick since he was sneezing and coughing all over me (ty too, he happened to sneeze and spit right in tys mouth!)... not to mention i also developed pinkeye, thankfully he didnt get that! since theres really nothing much you can do for a baby cold, we just suctioned him (which he HATED... yay for mom being a respiratory therapist! sorry kid), had the humidifier running with vicks things in it, and a little bit of tylenol here and there. some warm soapy baths helped too. he took the cold like a champ... i think it hurt mommy and daddy more seeing him all sniffly and snotty!

henry is so long... long legs like daddy and long torso like mommy. so we are into 9-12 month clothes. i have to do another go through of his closet and drawers and get rid of things that dont fit. it makes me happy and sad at the same time! i still look at some of the clothes he used to swim in and i cant believe he was ever that small (and i look at clothes that hes almost outgrowing now and remember when i first got them and thought he will never be this big!)

bear and blanket obviously must have shrunk in the wash...

great sleeper, terrible napper. as i write this he is fighting a nap like no tomorrow. but mostly we just let him cry it out (we as in mommy and daddy. the grammys and grampys pick him up. whatever). hes dry, fed, and just doesnt want to sleep. but eventually he falls asleep and naps on and off. i think he is more of a 2 nap per day kid now, although he sometimes does 3 one hour naps. no matter what time we put him to bed he will be up by 5:30am. usually he is tired and in bed by 8pm (and so are we!). 

almost crawling. at least trying to anyway. he will get up on his knees with his butt up in the air, and either move backwards, or flop back down on his belly and flop like a fish. im pretty sure he would be a good swimmer right now. we might need to start lessons soon. also, we have ONE TOOTH! its just a little sharp thing on the bottom thats slowly coming out, but it hurts when he bites down. it appears another one is starting to try to come through right next to it as well. all hen wants for christmas is his two front (bottom) teeth!

baby gear love
hen loves the whale bath tub, sits up now and splashes (and makes a huge watery mess of me and the bathroom!) hes kinda over his little activity seat and we thought about getting him a doorway jumper for xmas but we have one doorway downstairs (well technically we have two... one goes to the basement. didnt think that was a good idea)... the other is the bathroom, and its kinda out of the way. so we bought him a sled instead. we still use the bumbo seat on the kitchen island to feed him, the high chair takes up a lot of space. 

we went to have lunch with grandma and grandpa speckman in new hampshire, and also had a visit with parker and gavin again for a baby play date. it was so fun now that the boys can sit up and move around a little. all three of them have grown/developed in different stages, and it was neat to see them interact with each other.

2 and a half weeks old
(gavin, parker, henry)

almost 7 months old
(parker, henry, gavin)

henry also met santa claus! i sadly had to work but ty brought him to a local restaurant. hen didnt cry one single tear, as we knew he wouldnt. he loved the bells on his gloves and pulled on his beard. santa told ty that henry asked him for a sled for christmas!

after henry met santa, someone else came to pay our house a visit, sent from santa himself! meet ernie!

still pretty comfortable in size 3, but he is wearing size 4 at night because he is a really big wetter at night. he used to wake up around 4am just needing to be changed, then falling back asleep. going up a size has cut out that wake up.

what doesnt this kid eat? 4-5oz bottle after waking up (with 3mL of antiobiotic, easiest way to get it into him by far!), breakfast is oatmeal cereal with fruit and cinnamon, 6oz bottle, lunch is vegetables, snacks throughout the day are banana puffs or apple cinnamon puffs, another 6oz bottle in the afternoon, dinner is fruit/vegetables, and 1 or 2 more bottles before bed. foods he has tried (and he likes them all, shocking...) squash, sweet potato, avacado, peas, green beans, apple, banana, pears, peaches, mango, and cinnamon. the weirdest combo we've tried, which he devoured, was avacado and banana. barf. (i, on the other hand, love the apple/sweet potato/cinnamon combo!) i think were going to try pureed meet soon... cringe.


having socks on his feet and naps.

happy 7 months henry man!


  1. He is HUGE. Seriously, send me whatever you are feeding that kid (jk baby food is gross.)
    I loved the Christmas card, it totally melted my grinchy heart :-)

  2. That smirk kills me....always looks like he has a secret ;)

  3. OMG the bear comparison just makes my heart hurt...just a little...where did our babies go?! Love all the pics!

  4. Love. The pictures are great and he's growing up so fast!