Monday, December 16, 2013

the most ridiculous day

yesterday (ok well now its not yesterday... im really good at prompt blogging...) thursday was one of the most ridiculous days in the history of forever. for real. i cant even make this stuff up, so of course i decided to blog about it. beware this is the most random assortment of things, but this is how my day went, and i think it is all pretty ridiculous.

i had one day off in between work days. on these days i like to get house work and cleaning stuff done, make some food for henry, and stay in our pajamas all day. hen miraculously slept a little longer than usual and instead of going to the gym, i stayed in bed til 7am. oops! (win). ty left for work at 8 and hen fell asleep shortly thereafter for his am nap. so far so good on this lazy pajama day!

then the phone rang. ty apparently forgot his briefcase and wondered if we might be out and about any time soon. my bad, i hadnt shared pajama day plan with him or else im sure he would have remembered his bag and made sure not to bother us. hen didnt sleep long but i managed to get in a shower and we headed out to tys office. but not before he took a massive shit. three times. including once on the couch. ridiculous. (oh the joys of pureed food)

also before we left i noticed the tree... all i have to say is wow. just wow. (and ridiculous)

cat and dog proof

it looks slightly better lit up. ignore the broken/drooping lower right limb.

ok so we got ty his laptop and visited his coworkers, then headed to the mall because, well, why not. i found a relatively close spot and went into the food court to feed hen before doing some shopping. i set us up right outside of picture people and watched a family of four attempt to get the 1 year old to comply with fun holiday poses. if that wasnt entertaining enough, one of the older girls grabbed the womans camera at one point and ran around the store with it and the camera girl chased her. pretty ridiculous.

we went to a few shops, stopped at gap and victorias secret, then headed to american eagle. i had bought a pair of jeans online and wanted to exchange them, so i brought them with me. i tried on two other pairs, and found the one i wanted, and brought all three pairs to the counter. the jeans i exchanged were more expensive than the ones that i had purchased online so i got a $10 and change gift card. the cashier needed to wait for the manager to approve and swipe her badge, she handed me my receipt and gift card and we left. easy.

we then headed to bed bath and beyond where i was looking for a baby hand print ornament thing. i had seen it on buy buy baby and bb&b online but figured i could use one of the many coupons i have for that place and also save on shipping.

they never expire, even though they say they do. just fyi.
does anyone want any of these?!

i had stashed a 20% off and a $5 off coupon in my purse to bring just incase i found more items i wanted. i found the ornament i was looking for and waited in line. a woman in front of my bought over $100 of merchandise and didnt have a coupon, so i told her "oh i have an extra one you can have!" and went to pull it out of my purse. it wasnt there. i know i had brought both. and i have 8 hundred zillion at home. ridiculous. so i gave her the one i did have, i def didnt need the $1 off or whatever it would have been. but what the heck?!

and well then wouldnt ya know, target is right next to bed bath & beyond! how convenient, especially since i hadnt been there in over a week, thanks to my texas lover betting me i couldnt make it. didnt i show her! (i had serious withdrawals though, for sure. my bank called me asking if i was ok, really). i was also meeting my friend angela there after she got out of work, i couldnt stand her up! (side note: i really only needed to get eye drops but wanted to see what else the great and wonderful target had to offer since i hadnt been there in forever! also, im pretty sure angela has a new found love for me... im her personal target map!) 

so we drove over and i found a car with his break lights on getting ready to pull out of his parking spot. it was about 5 spaces from the door and was right next to a cart, perfect spot for me to put hen in the cart and get inside quickly (it was 8 degrees out!). i put my blinker on, no one else was around, and i waited for him to back out. just as he backed out of the space, a car came flying around the front and zoomed right into the spot i was waiting for. seriously?!!? i just sat there in shock. he got out of his car and looked at me and i just put my hands up like "really guy??" he obviously just kept walking. i didnt have any guts to roll down my window and argue with him, but i was not pleased at all. jerk.

one of the first things i found when we walked into the store was this. i win at everything for finding this. i surely wasnt going to spend the $24.99, but the pic had to be taken. ridiculous.

and of course hen slept the entire time we were shopping, so i knew nothing would get done around the house once we got home. lovely.

we left target having only spent $48! id say that is a huge win. of course driving into the driveway i remembered that i didnt get the one thing i went for. fail. when i got out of the car i noticed there was a package on the front steps. yay! i love getting packages! and i didnt remember ordering anything so it was surely a gift. i looked at the box and it said it was from runners warehouse or road runner sports, addressed to me! i was so excited to see what it was.

!!obviously excited about it!!
but i had forgotten i had ordered it for myself. my brain is mush right now.

i put all the bags up in the nursery which currently doubles as sterling christmas headquarters and started making the hand print ornament. ill let the pictures tell of its true ridiculousness...

first of all- the only things included in the box were the blue ribbon, the impression molding, a little plastic roller, and the frame circle cutter thing. however, when i opened the box, out fell about 6 pieces of a broken glass ornament. little sharp pieces, gold in color. wtf?!

this process seemed pretty easy to make the mold, but lets see how the directions read:

(on the impression bag) knead impression material for 1 minute

general instructions manual- knead impression material for 2-3 minutes

instruction 3-flatten into a rectangular shape
instruction 4- look at the photo. looks rectangular to me...

instruction 5- wet foot and press foot into impression material
instruction 6- that pic sure looks like a foot to me...

so i made two. a rectangular foot...

and a round hand. 
and i didnt need my ornament to be the size of my head, so i improvised.

i thought that whole thing was pretty ridiculous.

lets see... so then ty came home from work, we had dinner, hen went to bed, and as we were going to sleep i said to ty "this was the most ridiculous day ever. thank god its over!" and we shut the lights off. about a half hour later, my mind was kinda just replaying things from the day, and i was thinking about the jeans i had gotten at american eagle and what i would wear with them for our christmas party. thats when i realized... i dont have the jeans. i did not remember seeing them as i was putting all of my stuff in the nursery after getting home. so i got out of bed, went and checked all my bags. nothing. i checked the stroller and the car, nothing. i knew the mall was still open so i called and of course there was no bag at the counter, but she told me to call back in the morning as the cashier i worked with would be there. this left me feeling so unsettled but there was nothing i could do about it tonight.

i went back to bed and had just fallen asleep when hen woke up screaming. were talking real tears, sniffles, trying to catch your breath upset crying. hes been cutting his first tooth for a week or so and it really bothers him during the night. so we both got up and went in to get him, fed him a bottle, gave him some teething gel, and he fell back asleep after some rocking. poor little dude.

again back to bed. and as im laying there, close to 11pm, i shut off my alarm which had been set for the gym. no thanks, ill take the zero running miles week over going to the gym on under 5 hours of sleep thanks. of course as i laid there i started thinking again... and i remembered that i had poked holes in the hand print ornament. the instructions said it could take up to 2-3 days for the molding to dry, but i wanted to make sure i could get a hole in them for the ribbon and didnt think i should let it dry all night. so up i got, went downstairs, and made the holes before finally going to bed and falling asleep for good.

what. a. ridiculous. day!

continuing into the next day to resolve the american eagle issue (which kept the ridiculous streak going just a bit longer...) i called at 10am like the lady had told me to, and the girl on the phone again checked and didnt see a bag. im sure she thought i was trying to swindle them out of a $30 pair of jeans, and i told her to check their security cameras to see that i didnt my bag. she spoke with her manager and called me back, asked me which jeans they were, she went and got them off the shelf and said she would hold them until the end of the day. which meant i had to go to the mall at 730pm after work on a friday night two weeks before christmas. not ideal, but i was happy she was doing this for me. well wouldnt ya know, when i got to the store after work, the jeans werent at the counter. thankfully the girl i worked with was really sweet and cool and just had me go get the jeans and all was good.

ri. dic. u. lous.


  1. We are the only state in the country with no Target. Epic fail. But I just used my red card to order an item I wanted, free shipping. It just may have been for me and not a gift.
    Glad you got your jeans.

  2. I am just surprised that you can do all that shopping with the little guy in tow. Alex hates shopping :((