Tuesday, December 10, 2013

on the 2nd day of christmas we...

...wear festive clothing! or not, actually. but i still have a little time, right?

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this weeks topic is about festive clothing, of which this family has very little im sad to say. hen has one package of christmas diapers, one pair of semi holiday pajamas that are too big for him (but we have him wear then anyway... theyre red stripes with a monkey on it that has a santa hat... i think?), and he has 2 christmas bibs.

babys first christmas holiday outfit parenting big. fat. fail.

(yes, monkey has a santa hat!)

first of all i'd like to mention i was stupidly challenged to not go to target for a week. one. week. seven whole days. this is like my worst nightmare... what would i do with all my time? and money? i'd also like to mention that i did it, thank you very much. (i only shopped target.com once on black day after friday for a piece of furniture that isnt in stores and was on wicked sale). but think of all the money i could have spent on useless shit i dont need cute festive clothes for hen in those days!!! so im gonna need to catch up. or call grandma. (side note: it was mentioned to me that there are in fact other stores out there that carry things other than target. there are? i do not know of other stores. target is my store. i cannot cheat on target. how dare this even be brought up... cough cough)

related: i have really mean friends...

well, maybe stephanie redeemed herself a little bit i guess

i dont want to ruin this years holiday card, but even that isnt really holiday festive (dont worry, its still awesome. as if there was ever any doubt). everyone knows we had a baby and i post a bunch of pics that everyones seen so i didnt want to make it into a "hey look at henry!" card, because i mean, what are we, chopped liver? family and friends have seen enough of him and you can never get enough of me! duh. and after scoping out numerous pinterest sites about setting up my camera for holiday shooting camera modes, i attempted a few holiday pics with him and decided my future in artistic photography might need some professional help.

hes still the cutest. ever.

we didnt buy a new outfit to go meet santa for the first time, but i think we chose a pretty good outfit that was at least red (i also told ty to just bring him in the one pair of oversized semi holiday-ish pajamas. im glad he chose this outfit. i was at work and left that decision up to him. can you believe this?!)

also so happy my kid can go to anyone and not be upset. he enjoyed the bells on his gloves.

since up until last week i thought it somehow thought it was still november, i have a lot to do between now and christmas. this includes christmas cards (i swear i got them out on time... you didnt get yours til february? hmmm something must be wrong with the mail!), finding the most perfect holiday clothes for henry, and maybe something for myself too. duke went to the groomer yesterday and has a nice christmasy bandana with candy canes on it and we have found ernie elf in some interesting situations, so its starting to look a little bit like christmas around 25 everett.

chips would just eat whatever we tried to put on her, but she and duke both have their stockings hung (i wish we had a chimney so i could write "by the chimney with care". in my next life i guess). i got new boots for my bday and i really want something like these to go with it... 

although she makes them look kinda creepy.

so i guess im on a mission for this week, after i can finally go back to target (which is today. and i have to work today and tomorrow."sorry hun, gonna be home from work late tomorrow night... i need to run an errand!") 


  1. I'm so jealous that Henry sat on Santa's lap without any issues! I still haven't taken Aria, but I know it is going to be tearful. You were challenged not to go to Target for a week? That is downright mean! Henry with all the ornaments is too cute!! And, Duke looks extra handsome too =)
    I'm in a similar boat. I knew it was December, but I kind of forgot Christmas happens in December. I need to get my act together!!

  2. Meow.
    I love Hank. And his serious face. It's my favorite.
    Think of all the money I've saved you the last week.

  3. are those leggings at Target? Cause I saw some like that there and WANTED THEM SO MUCH. But they had XS and XL and I am neither of those.