Tuesday, December 17, 2013

on the 3rd day of christmas we...

...deck the halls!

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this years decorations got out very late... my work schedule and going away various weekends and having an almost 7 month old just all got things pushed back. we have yet to put the outdoor lights up and really, im ok if they stay neatly folded in the box in a clumpy jumbled mess ball in the basement somewhere.

we got a fake tree when we moved into our house and that works just fine for us. chips has made a home in the back corner and has eaten a few lights, as well as broken a few of the lower limbs after duke came along and chased her in and out of it last year. but its perfect for us. 

weve collected a few holiday items throughout the years and get those out each year. while our halls certainly arent all "decked", i love seeing our holiday things, lighting the candles and feeling warm and cozy thru the winter (while barfing every time i see the propane delivery truck). 

the collection is growing!

we had a third hanging thing on the right there 
but it got knocked off the wall and duke ate it

disclaimer: i dont like candy canes. those arent real. just like the tree.


  1. I keep meaning to ask you about the chalkboard. Where is it? What do you usually use it for? I think I want to put one in C's playroom upstairs.
    And I like how you animal proofed your tree. The animal children don't really pay in mind to ours.
    I meow you long time. Purrr...

  2. I love the chalkboard/card display! I personally think fake trees are the way to go and yours looks festive and fur baby proof!! my LO was the same age last year and we didn't decorate much either so I understand (I think I had the exact same thoughts about outdoor lights too!)! I think you did a great job being festive! thanks for linking up again!!

  3. I see my xmas card! clearly, it is the best one because you have it at the top. :) I tried to comment last night on my iphone and couldn't get past the encryption thing. grrrr...

  4. I love, love all the cards around the chalkboard! I keep forgetting to DIY or buy something I can put our cards on. Almost no point anymore...so of course now is the time I will remember. The dishware is oh so cute! I think you got more out than I would have if Aria was 7 months - way to go! Everything you did looks so great, I think there is never too much or too little Christmas. Whichever makes you happiest is the way to go!

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. and somehow I see my comment never posted! I LOVE the card display...and completely agree that fake trees (pre-lit if you're fancy ;)) are the way to go!! thank you so much for linking up with us!