Tuesday, December 31, 2013

on the 5th day of christmas we...

...look forward to a new year!

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if you didnt notice, i missed the 4th day. im way behind on my blogging, and have a zillion posts (ok like 5) that i wanted to post before the new year. honestly, i just didnt have time. shocking, i know. but ill catch up a little here.

christmas was wonderful. beyond wonderful really. seeing henrys eyes light up with the christmas lights, and having him rip the paper off his gifts, it was all just so special. and having family here at our home is a gift in itself. our christmas traditions have changed over the years but we are able to start new traditions this year... pajamas on christmas eve, a new ornament, and many more to come. christmas next year will be so magical for henry and for us!

the new year will bring many more firsts... firsts for henry, firsts for mommy and daddy, a new niece or nephew/friend for henry...
more miles...
...more friends...
   ...more love.


  1. That last photo is just precious. Enjoy your new year with the little one! <3

  2. we all blogged a lot less with the holidays! glad you joined us today! I love the idea of getting a new ornament each year :) and that last photo? simply precious!! happy new year!!

  3. Happy New Year!!! Wish you a fun filled and adventurous 2014!!

  4. Happy New Year! I gosh darn love your hand print ornament =) I hope 2014 rocks your socks off! Everything seems more crazy and fun with a baby. So fun to watch them experience life.