Tuesday, December 3, 2013

on the 1st day of christmas we...

...enjoy christmas goodies!

i am linking up this month for some holiday fun with:

Wife Mommy Me

this week is all about christmas goodies. this is a great post for me cuz boy do i loooove to eat! my bff sarah and i always make a date for holiday baking and then laugh thinking about sending all of our goodies out on time (aka before they get stale. or eaten). sarahs little boy tyler is a great taste tester so that we dont have to do it (obviously joking. we buy a lot of extra stuff cuz we know it wont all make it into gifts).

some things we usually do that are fairly simple are oreo bark, chocolate covered pretzels/pretzel sticks, and muddy buddies.

and of course we get some of those simple cut and bake sugar cookies with cute reindeer or santas on them as well. we usually get the already chocolate covered pretzels (white and dark chocolate), and then we melt chocolate and drizzle it over the tops and cover with red or green sugar. you can do this with oreos too, just makes them look cuter! this year we are going to attempt peanut butter balls and oreo balls.

hopefully looking like this

most likely looking like this. ill still eat them. all.

our holiday baking day is scheduled for mon the 16th... i cant wait to link up and see what everyone else makes and maybe give us some more ideas!


  1. Oreo balls are delish! Mine usually aren't so cute though...just lumpy balls of yum =)

    I love peppermint bark! Adding oreos sounds like total win.

    What a fun baking party. Thanks for linking up today!

  2. peppermint & Oreo bark?! sign me up! that sounds so yummy!! can't wait to see pictures from the baking party!

    thsnks for linking up today!!