Friday, August 6, 2010

beach2beacon 10k preview

tomorrow marks race #8 of 12, the TD Bank Beach to Beacon 10k! this will be my 8th running of this race from my hometown. i definitely look forward to it every year, and im glad that i was able to get in this year (although they upped the runners cap to 7,000 this year, it still sells out super fast and is extremely difficult to get in). i was also able to sign ty up for it and gave his number to him for his birthday. he has not been training much and he "hates running" as he tends to say every day. arent i a great fiance for giving him this lovely present! (my answer is YES! his answer is really really no).

past b2b times:
2002- 1:08:47 (didnt train, still pretty much hated running)
2003- 58:07 (started loving running, trained a lot. to PR a 10k by 10 minutes is kinda sweet)
2004- 55:19
2005- 53:02
2006- 52:08
2008- 1:00:29 (i ran with ty for his first b2b... and please note, his time was 1:00:30 hehe)
2009- 47:50 (my current 10k PR)

ive always loved the fact that ive done this race faster every year than the previous year (minus the year i ran with ty), but im not really feelin it this year and i havent even come close to that PR time in the past few 10k's ive done. im also battling with some stupid muscle ache in my leg which i have no idea what it is. so we will see how tomorrow goes but i think my streak just may end with last years time. and ill be ok with that.

sarah and i headed to the expo yesterday, and then i went again this afternoon with andrea. if you remember back to my LLBean 10k race report, i had a pic of olympic runner (marathon winner!) and Beach to Beacon founder Joan Benoit Samuelson. here she is at the expo yesterday. she was pretty busy so we didnt get our pic with her.

and the expo just happens to be in my high school gym. oh the memories from my basketball days :)

hannaford supermarkets is one of the sponsors. this was a nice colorful yummy assortment of pre race expo goodness!

and this is how baby ty spent the expo...

here are some pics from what i think is one of the most beautiful races ive ever done

this is right before mile 3... the shower of power!!!!

saw this along the way today. thats funny... in my dreams i own a jaguar.... (for those who are not aware of this race, people come from all over the world to run. the kenyans win every year. theyre REAL fast. i think the course record is 27:27. im halfway done at that point.)

who wouldnt like to run a race that crosses the finish line that looked like this? has to rank among the top 10 most beautiful 10k races.

gotta love the scenery in this town. little bit of fun information: tyler's great grandfather, Robert T. Sterling, was the last civilian lighthouse keeper here.

and ill give you all one guess as to which one of these ill be heading towards at the end of the race...

weather is supposed to be in the mid 60's to low 70's for tomorrow morning. ideal. good luck to all racers, see ya at the finish!


  1. thanks for the nice shot of my double chin! you could have told me!!:-) im sad i am not running tomorrow..booo. but ill be at the finish always:-) good luck, have fun and you know what else to do;-)xoxo

  2. Hi There. This is my FIRST Beach2Beacon. I'm from Utica, NY and looking forward to with a bit of anxiety the race (that's starting in about 1:45 hr..eeeekkk!).
    I enjoyed reading about the race in your post. Of course I won't know if I see you, but best of luck and I hope we both will cross that finish line in 47:XX :)

  3. I bet you didn't head to the bathroom because you went in the woods :)

  4. hope the race went well!!! :)