Wednesday, August 18, 2010

pink tu-tu and local radio dj

i randomly happened to find out that the pic in the post below of the sweet chick in the hot pink tu-tu was one of portlands local radio morning show hosts Eva (from the coast 93.1 morning show)!! i emailed her to let her know she made it to my famous (read: super random, read by maybe 5 people) blog and i sent her the pics, and she posted a link to my blog from the radio website!! this might be my 15 minutes of fame....

here comes Eva (i had no idea who she was when i snapped the pic, i just loved the tu-tu!)

if i remember correctly, she stopped on the rock next to mine to stretch out her legs, and thats when i told her how much i loved her tu-tu. then i snapped this pic of the back of the tu-tu

and Eva, youre not the only one that wears pink tu-tu's during races.... heres a sweet shot of Danica from the malibu marathon! (directly stolen from her race report, hope she doesnt mind!) the trend might be catching on!!


  1. only the ubercool chics wear tutu's to run!
    and hey, you have like 6 readers now!! LOL
    Enjoy the fame :)

  2. Oh the hilarity of it all. I just realized you are the "Danielle" from Maine on my friends list from Dailymile. Cool:)
    too bad we missed a meet up at TFAC.