Monday, August 23, 2010

NYC top 12

this past weekend my girlfriends and i traveled to the big apple to celebrate krystles transition into married life. needless to say we saw some ridiculous/awesome things and took tons of pics of the experiences we had. heres my top twelve things that i thought were fun enough to share.

12. i think i found my new triathlon bike...

this is probably what my bike will look like after i attempt a tri

11. roadside 24 hour fruit and veggie stands

i may look excited but i would never buy anything!

10. our dinner at a greek restaurant

i couldnt even pronounce the name of this place... could i find something id like to eat?

i obviously found something i would like to drink!

the waitress reminded me that the portabello mushroom "burger" did not contain a "burger". yeah, thanks

rachels sandwich had french fries IN it. awesome.

9.. i can now say i know someone who owns a shake weight

i couldnt figure out how to turn it on. fail.

8. the taco truck... apparently its a huge deal

7. love the name of this bar.... one of my favorite songs by nickel creek

flow gently, sweet afton, disturb not her dream

6. union square park and its funny signs

the other side said "what i look like when im lying"

rather disturbing yet still so funny

my favorite! with my college roommate xoxo

5. battery park, statue of liberty, and obama condoms

a truly unbelieveable site to see

this guy moved and really creeped me out

4. world trade center site and 9/11 memorial

3. creeping on a wedding photo shoot in grand central station

2. modeling it up outside of subway and johnny walker red shots

1. the most amazing roof top city view

and an extra... traveling miss piggy and kermit


  1. looks like you had a great time :D
    That new tri bike is SWEEEEET! great score!!

  2. you have 2 #8s...just sayin':-) xoxo

  3. whoops, also had two #4s. my bad. now its the top 12 :)

  4. I will admit that I just spent $12.99 on 3 Obama condoms for my grandma to hand out at her retirement home. You know, old folks spread STDs like wildfire.